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New Dice Algorithm / True dice rolls

Game does not use true dice roll probabilities. Many, many times I've had 97-99% chance to win and dont.

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That's the opposite of my findings. New player, won both games and still lost more than I won. The ratio is about the same as my other accounts.

More than likely the tracking is bugged. I never believed the dice roll numbers either.

Brian. That is my point, when you come in as a new player, magically you win a ton more than you lose. My theory is they want new and or bad players to stick around and play more games, so they give them a little help. WHICH IS BS
Here is how out of wack that is. I have played 608 games, for an average of 309 troops won/defeated per game. That would mean i could play 51 games in a row, without losing a single troop, before i got to even. Bwahaha SMG (Suck My Genitals)
I have won 326 and lost 282. I attack more 3 on 1 than am attacked 3 on 1, so that has nothing to do with me having lost 16000 more troops than i have won. They have it set up that the lower rated rolls high numbers. Until they post dice rolled against, i won't believe them.

I have one trash account. 2 wins. 0 losses. 190 defeated, 216 lost lol

I've posted several times about the lost troops vs killed troops stats. It is statistically impossible to loose more troops than you have killed when your total win-to-loss ratio is 2:1 (or greater). A buddy of mine who has an EXTREMELY large win-to-loss ratio says the same thing... his lost troops are WAY higher than his killed troops stats.

"streaky" sort of explains what I've been seeing lately. In the last game I played, everyone was getting their ass handed to them as the attacker. Twice they tried to kill this one guy hoarding Australia where at least in the 2nd run should have happened but got blown away, giving me an easy sweep of the board since my turn was next. But even during that sweep, I was losing a lot more than expected on some rolls. Like losing 24 men to kill an 8 spot or something like that.

I also had a game where everyone was just decimated the first couple of rounds. 6 player game and everyone had an average of 15 men left after 2 rounds. This wasn't from attacking like idiots, it was from killing 1 territories. I didn't even get my first card. And I wasn't using blitz either. Mostly others were. Probably coincidence but I have been afraid of going offense especially in Blitz lately.

Almost all of my accounts have winning records yet I think I’ve lost more troops than I’ve defeated on all of them. I’m not really worried about that though my goal is to win. I have noticed the attacks seems very streaky right now. If I blitz a one and lose 3 I’m likely to lose a lot for a few more attacks. Recently I took and army of about ten and blitzed seven and six back to back losing no troops. So when I see my opponents losing a lot of armies in the opening rounds of tend to attack where I have the largest army facing a one rather than try for the best positional attack.

If you were looking at strictly attacking, you should have more won than lost. But you also have to consider others killing your single territories as being heavily biased towards you losing a lot more over wins. So I think a lot of this comes down to how many games you've won vs how many have been lost. Most of my accounts are just shy of the same number of wins as losses so it would make sense that I'm pretty close for won/lost. If I had won more than lost then I would think the won troops would be higher.

I have several accounts with most having more losses than wins (but relatively close to each other) and they have just slightly less won than lost. One of my accounts, which I opened strictly to practice 4 player games and reached grandmaster relatively quick (apparently I'm good at 4 player games) with 42 wins and only 14 losses, This account has a lot more won than lost.

I would like everyone to post their rank and number of troops won and number of troops lost.  I am a master/grandmaster  85000 won 102000 lost, smg says that is normal.

I just don't play beginner or lower anymore. I don't think there's anything wrong with the dice, although it's burned me a few times with scenarios that seemed unrealistic but that's also the game. But I don't want to waste my time playing beginners anyway. Eventually, SMG should have a system where we can block people from joining our games based on rank and we can have all master games. But for now, I just create games under 3 minute, progressive, classic map and I let it fill, then boot everyone below intermediate, then refill the spots. You have to do it this way or you may run into server errors. If someone leaves as you're booting others, it can cause a server issue. For this reason, if 1 slot is waiting to fill for more than 5 seconds, I'll join with a junk account from another device to make sure no server error and if not, just boot myself lol.

Ever since filters became a part of the game, it's been easier to find higher ranking players. We seem to migrate towards the 3 min games and it actually doesn't take long to fill them, although sometimes so many join at once I am sure some are cheating. Doesn't seem to change my ability to win? haha. Anyway, I am talking about this because maybe others will follow the trend and we can keep making games together and keep booting the low ranked players. I'd really prefer expert+ but without ability to communicate within the game people tend to be impatient and I have to go with lower than I want.

I'm also compiling friends with expert+ players. You'd think eventually I'd have enough friends that I can just start friend only games but it's been rough doing that. Now I think it doesn't even notify you if someone sends a friend request. You just have to both push the friend request button.

I have lost 16000 more troops than i have won. Once you reach master status the OPPONENT'S roll a very high % of 5s and 6s. They should record opponents roll %. There is a reason they don't
With the last upgrade, I am convinced that the dice are not random due to external data being considered in the alogarithm or incompetence in the software design team. The outcomes don't match probabilities. I'm done with SMG Studios Risk. Glad I didn't pay anything for it.

Please fix this it makes the game very unenjoyable. For every one person that complains on this board there's probably a few hundred that feel the same way but don't bother posting.

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I wouldn't say 99% of the time but it was definitely quite consistant with a little bit of favor towards the attacker. What was obvious is when blitz against 1 army territories, both attacker and defender both lost 1 every single time. I've seen this bug before, on the last update, and submitted a ticket already. Not gonna play till that's fixed. Takes about a day or so.


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