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Secret Mission RISK

IDEA: This is Risk with a twist based on the 1993 Secret Mission rules.

Each player a specific mission short of complete world domination. Players do not reveal their missions to each other, and the first person to complete their mission wins. Missions are:

  1. Capture Europe, Australia and one other continent
  2. Capture Europe, South America and one other continent
  3. Capture North America and Africa
  4. Capture North America and Australia
  5. Capture Asia and South America
  6. Capture Asia and Africa
  7. Capture 24 territories
  8. Capture 18 territories and occupy each with two troops
  9. Destroy all armies of a specific color or—if one's own troops are that color—capture 24 territories (one mission for each color)

NB: if a player's mission is to destroy all armies of a particular color, and another player kills off the last armies of that color, their mission changes to capturing 24 territories.

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This is exactly what I want! This is the most popular, and biggest selling version of risk, would be a great addition to the game. Please make this!

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Samh - we really want to make this too. We moved the feature requests from the FAQ to this forum to allow for more discussion, but while on the FAQ it was amongst the top 5 most voted features.

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I was talking about the version were you get 4 secret mission cards. Captain, major, colonel and general, 4 different levels of difficulty. One easy mission could be conquer two areas through water passages. Another one more difficult could be conquer North America by the end of the turn. When you only have one mission left you must show it to all your opponents.

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Thanks for replying The only problem I could see with this version is that without a chat feature, players aren't able to guess other players missions. This could lead to some frustrating situations if someone's mission card allows them to defeat a novice or any beginner, or even an AI in order to win the game, and other players unable to point out their intentions. It just means it would lack the need to try and pursue your mission in secret. Or it might not be a problem at all, I'm just speculating here, either way I'd love to see it added.

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And winning golden coins

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Old skool style. Oh yeah

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Seems like an odd idea. All players are going about their business without ever knowing what the others are up, specifically how much progress they are making towards achieving their specific mission. If this was to be interesting, at the very least all players should be able to consult a gage (ascending color slider possibly) that would show each player's progress towards completing their mission. I would never play a game, struggling to reach my objective, while never knowing when the game was to abruptly end.

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Danny it's one of the most popular versions of the game, and trust me, it's reallly fun. There are only ten or so cards so you will learn them all and be able to look out for people achieving them. I think chat is definitely needed though.

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This is a classic twist, should be a option on set up screen

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Best version and the original version! Defiantly should be added. But agree there needs to be a form of chat but I understand open chat isn't an option for multiple reasons. Maybe with this, use the same idea as alliances for chat. Ie; you click icon bottom left corner (chat), then click which player you wish to discuss, then click suggest what mission this person has (there would be a list that pops up of all missions in the game), and like the emojis, it would come up on everyone's screens once you choose. Side note: this chat feature could lead to extra communication in the future which could be very helpful!

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Sorry, wouldn't add a seperate chat button but put it in the current (2 people) icon in the bottom left that currently opens all chat/alliance options****^

I came to this forum with several ideas but that one is the most important.

It would give the game muuuuuch more interest. I like global domination but alternating playing modes would be great :D

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I noticed that all the options listed by SMG are for the classic board. Would this potentially be added to the other boards?

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I don't like option 9. All others are fine.

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