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Capital RISK game mode

IDEA: This is RISK with a twist based on the 1993 Capital RISK rules, and makes for a faster, intense game.

Each player has a "capital" in one of the initially occupied territories. The player to capture all capitals wins. Any troops and territories that belong to the losing nation are turned over to the victor. Capital Risk often leads to much shorter games.

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I dont like the idea of being knocked out and turning over your armies and territories if your capital is captured. Way too lopsided. Gives incentive to pile all armies on your capital every turn for defense. Then you end up with a stalemate. Or 1 player gets lucky and owns half the world in one turn. Way too much variance! Check out capital version on Risk II the pc game. That version works really well!
I played the capitals version on the pc game Risk II. Your not out if you lose your capital. Capitals earn an extra 1 or 2 armies at the beginning of your turn. You select your capital after armies are placed. Nobody can see where you placed it until game play begins. This can work with random or placed armies. Depending on # of players, you have to conquer all or most capitals to win. All other rules are the same! For small maps with few geographical boundaries it could make the game a lot more interesting and strategic. Its good on large maps too. Getting a small bonus reinforcements gives incentive to hold your capital but also to conquer others. We need this!
Any version of Risk is a great game! I have been playing the game of Risk for over 40 years and I won't stop playing the game of Risk until I die.

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How can I down load map' s especially the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE map . There are any hidden ore background apps ore codes (GOOGLE AND ANDROID 7.0 GALAXY J3 PRIME) THANKS.
Please proceed something like that diversity

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I think capitals in the game would be excellent, but I'd suggest it work more like Risk: Factions, where capitals equal one more troop per turn. An additional defence dice would also add to the "home base" style of gameplay.

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Ive played capitol many times and enjoyed it as a change of pace. I do not remember getting players troops though. I though it eas only territories.

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The posts before are mixing castle risk and capital risk... castle risk has generals boats and the map is Europe like the one with independent states available on this site. The game has a complete different set of rules awesome game .. capital risk the one with Roman numerals I am unfamilar with the rules but it's got twists. The newer risk 2008 I has city's and bonus for completing missions. My opinion would be to have all released versions of risk available on here one day . And to be able to mix and match making own versions,
I hate losing Capital loses game. I prefer staying in game. Extra capitals should grant bonus armies though, +1/capital owned.

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version we played you had a capital and had to put all new recruits at it. At end of turn you reinforced from capital so long as you could reach the location via your own lands. If an opponent cut your supply lines by breaking a continuous string owned countries, then you could only rearrange troops among countries in that isolated pocket, but not reinforce from capital to that region. Reinforcements at end of turn were unlimited, we did not end the game if your cap was lost, but you had to establish a new capital and your first action had to be regainin the original capital. We did not allow turning in or earning cards when you did not have your original cap in your possession.
I would want to see it be you win if you start your turn owning all the capitals. I also think owning a capital should give +1 bonus on troops awarded at start of your turn.

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The one I have states you can lose yours and still play. To win hold your capital and two others. Or one and yours in three player!!

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The way the 1993 game went was once your personal castle is lost, you are defeated and all your territories and holdings go to player that took your castle, inc. Cards

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A game could end in one turn

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I would prefer a longer match with capitals, because it would add an extra layer of skill to non-short matches. What would happen if an ally controlled your capital?

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