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Assassins, spies, steal troops & more - Special RISK Cards

IDEA: New Game mode with special move/bonus cards that change up gameplay e.g.

  1. Reinforcements (extra troops)
  2. Spies (eliminate cards from your opponent or block their spy car)
  3. General (add extra attack dice or +1 to dice roll)
  4. Marshall (add extra defence dice or +1 to dice roll)
  5. Admiral (transport troops from coast to attack any other territory on the coast)
  6. Diplomat (force a truce with player)Propagandist (steal troops from opponents)
  7. Bombardier (deals extra heavy damage through artillery strike)
  8. Assassin (take out opponent troops)
  9. Marksman (attack non-adjacent territories from a distance (1-2 territories away).A soldier skilled in precision shooting using projectile weapons.

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Yes Please!
I feel like this addition would be better as a new game mode as to not alienate players that wouldn't like the change maybe make it a new turn on/off game setting

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Yes it would be nice to to be able to toggle this feature on and off

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Like risk 2210 ad. Or risk factions would b nice
This is basically the same thing as my idea 

Justin this would definitely be a new game mode, separate to the existing "classic" mode. I've updated the description to reflect this.

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Add a card that allows you to attack from two or three spaces away.

Sergio - great idea! This could be calked the Marksman card, a soldier skilled in precision shooting using projectile weapons. I've added this to the list of ideas. We'll take this into consideration with the team. –Lee@SMG

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Capital city risk!! Mission cards would be fun! Different set trade in bonus! Increasing continent bonus!! New maps are sweet!!!
Add a card that temporarily builds a wall around a border of connected territories for 1 or 2 turns as a form of defense. Cant attack out or in???

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No, this is a bad idea. It had nothing to do with the actual true and simple RISK game. Don't over complicate it!
Eliminate Marksman, but I like the other options.
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