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Fog of War in RISK map

IDEA: You can only view enemy positions in adjacent territories, everything else is hidden. As you explore the map, the fog will be removed from adjacent territories within view.

This would either be a custom game setting, enabled by the game host (so not a default setting for all maps). 

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Fog of War Fix - Especially for Capital Conquest

I like fog of war, but there is one major issue with it, and that is that you should be able to see the entire map before the attacking starts. 

It can create some problems in the regular game when you don't know who owns certain territories at the start, or how many armies are there, but it is particularly problematic when you can't see where other players are placing their capitals. In any real life scenario, it just isn't reasonable that you wouldn't know where your enemies' capitals are. 

This feature is great. But recent update is showing the territories and army of other player and that goes against the purpose of fog war. Please eliminate that or put it as an option. Thanks

I posted this in a different string, but with the new (April 2020) changes showing each player's army count and territory count, the "Fog of War" option is almost completely eliminated.  It took me awhile, but now I only play fog of war.  Games go much quicker, everyone doesn't gang up on the player doing the best, you can 'hide' armies in your continent interirors, or set up ambushes.  But all that is now gone.  

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Fog of war just encourages more cheating and makes the game even less skill based.  I avoid it all costs.  Cheating is rampant when you can see what other players are up to, not being able to see what they're doing is just asking for trouble.

fog of war is awesome. 

some improvment ideas (if possible):

- add ally option with computer (50%accepted, 50%refusal, change when only 3 players left...)

- do not specify which continent a player has (or not) ...

if the idea is not to see who is where, do not show army gain for each turn ? not even army number

- humans are replaced at start by computers are always at boss level, normal ? even when we specify easy level in game parameters ?

thx again !

Fog of war is a great addition to the gameplay of RISK. It adds another strategic twist to the game. It makes it more challenging, as well as "different" demands to win. I enjoy what was done. Perfect option to add even more scenarios. Well done!!

I've tried the beta testing for Fog of War and love it! I played against computer and one of them had a country, but I didn't know which one. It's fun to go hunt down the most powerful CPU\Player. 

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Tobias, it sounds to me like you need to play more offline single player games against the computer.  Without a doubt, the fog of war makes defeating the computer more difficult.  But if you play right, you'll win every time.

Hi Tobias,

just to make sure it`s common knowledge: As soon you are the last remaining HUMAN player in the game, you get the ranking points of a victory.


my first feedback of the fog beta is positive - quite a new game play.... the only things are as follows:

1) alliance - like the idea that you can see the territories of your alliances - but quite unfair is when your alliance partner breaks the alliance or attacks you - and at one point this is always the situation... your former partner has and can see all your territories whilst attacking you... and the breaks the alliance so you start to be blind... 

2) at one point the computer will overtake and as always the computer starts to attack the stronger ones which is the closest ones... so it is impossible to finish the game even when one should as a winner as the computer has many advantages.... and always wins ... so changing the compouter is aboslutly needed

plz hurry with the update or let me b beta tester ;)
great idea would love to test it
It sound like it could be an awesome challenge. I would like to become a beta tester.
Im excited to give it a whirl. I like the idea alot. I don't think it's cool however to let allies see. I mean, in real world war in my opinion, allies never let the others in on their strategy, and strongholds. "Keep your friends close, enemies closer" Just a thought. Look forward to it either way.
Hi guys, How can i test fog of war option in risk on iphone/ipad? Great option btw... Hope to test it soon, thx again Zibfr
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