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Color blind option for RISK players and territory colors

IDEA: Add a settings option for color-blind players to easily distinguish between green and yellow, and blue and purple colour schemes used for players and map territories. 

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i was going to submit this, glad im not the only one. I cant tell the difference between the green/yellow at all. And yes that has led to me losing games.

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This would definitely help new and old colorblind players and would encourage colorblind players to stay.

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I am colorblind and can't tell the difference in the green and yellow colors. But even my non colorblind friend has trouble with those. Glad this will be addressed.

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Colours like black or white would work. I fink orange and yellow are two close in colour

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I can't make Alliances due to I can't tell blue/purple or green/yellow apart ! I also always have to be red.

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Hi Jerod, this feature is planned in our dev queue. I'm very sorry we didn't add this sooner. 

Thanks! –Lee@SMG

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Lee, can you say how you plan to address this? I have red-green colorblindness, which I believe is the most common form. For me the only trouble I have is telling the green and yellow apart. I think for me if those colors were tweaked my issue would be solved. I realize of course this is just my case, which is why I was curious as to what solution you are pursuing.

We'd add a setting for players to enable colour blind option on their device. 

We'd post an image to this thread with the revised player and territory colours for feedback to ensure there is sufficient contrast between problematic colour combinations. –Lee@SMG

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I don't have this issue, but I just wanted to say thanks for thinking of everyone and working on this! This is a great game everyone should be able to enjoy :)
I love this idea. I can only play games I start because I can only distinguish red. Can't tell yellow from green or blue from purple. And only play 4 people cause if I play more then orange comes into play.

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Glad this problem is being addressed. I'm moderately colorblind and I've had this problem on many versions of the computer Risk game. I can usually figure it out but it definitely takes extra time. Perhaps patterns could be used in conjunction with color. For example stripes, checker, dotted lines, stipple etc. Perhaps there could be more than one color/pattern scheme. Thank you, Marcus

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That's a great idea. At times, it's difficult to distinguish the color variations in different lighting. What would the color blind option include? Would it include armies being striped in different ways?
Would each players army have its own image?

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Yes! I struggle with this as well and would love to see an option to select our own colors.
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