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Automatic territory selection + manual troop placement

IDEA: This combines automatic and manual selection. Territories are automatically allocated by computer for all players. Players then select manually where to place troops.

This would be a third option of set-up (after manual and automatic) that can be set in the game options screen.

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This is exactly what I came to the forum to request. Please implement it.

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I would also like to be able to do a manual selection to start with, then be able to drop all my troops at once if that's what I want to do. It should not have to switch from player to player one troop at a time.

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I just created an account for this forum to request this exact thing. Perfect. Thank you. This was how we played the board game version. Just deal out the territories and manually place your troops

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Sounds like a great idea

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This is exactly why I made an account! Please implement this feature :)

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I'm with you Summer, we voted for this too :) 

Once the computer has selected the territories, can people let me know which they prefer:

  1. To have a set time (say 60 seconds) for everyone to place their troops in one turn. If you don't place them all in time, computer allocates them. If everyone completed before 60 seconds, game starts.
  2. Take in turns to place 1 troop at a time.

If you picked option 1 above, would you like to see where people are placing their troops while they're doing it, or wait till game start to see your opponent's troop numbers?

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Has to be option 2. HAS to be. You need to be able to place troops according to where your opponent places theirs. So glad you guys are considering this. Thanks a bunch!

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Ideally, everyone should be able to place their troops at the same time and we can see what everyone is doing. But if only choice is between 1 and 2, then I vote for one and would like to be able to see where people are placing their troops.
I like option 1. Options 2 is good if you can make edits and move your troops around during the 60 seconds. Also if you can see where your Opponents are placing troops.
I got my options backwards. Option 2 i like. Option 1 with what I stated above.

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Yes I agree with Trent . Has to be option 2!!!! That's how you play the actual board game. It changes the whole dynamic of the game for the better if we place them 1 at a time. But for it not to take to long I say each player only has like 15-30 seconds to place their 1 army before it moves to the next.

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Can you do option one in normal manual, because the "1 turn thing" creates too many stalemates.

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I would prefer OPTION 3 where player could alternatively place 3, 4 or 5 troops at once.

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I'm really confused.
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