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Live / free chat with RISK players and alliances

IDEA: Live in-game chat with other players and or allies only (that you've formed an alliance with).

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Been wishing this was a feature even just with allies to let them know they can take a territory of mine that's in their way without retaliation. Really would love to see chat. And to be able to tell someone when they've made a nice move.

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Agreed. This is a must have. Not being able to communicate is one of the only things that makes it worse than playing on a real board. I could see some serious cussing in the chat though.

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This needs to come soon plz

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True, no one wants to play in silence, add chat, but for all to see. Otherwise you just get friends ganging up contantently. 

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I'd like to tell players "good game" whether I'm about to win or lose. Obviously, they'd have to filter out swear words.

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Please make this a prioritized update, not being able to communicate is digital Risk's achilles heel. I can recall so many times when I have told my ally to "attack this person" to interrupt their continent bonus without struggle and they have been too blind to see what I am talking about. Or, when you desperately want to say to someone "you do this and I'll do that" but of course to no avail. Cheers

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Make it so everybody can see the message not just Allies

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Agree. Kind of like if you were actually sitting at a board and talking out loud to a partner.

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Propaganda and diplomatic factoids are key elements too my art of war. Intel manipulations garbage without a chat function

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I think this game would benefit massively from a chat feature. If you're locked in a game for 2 hours with people, you're gonna want to talk. I I'm sure that the kind of people who play Risk can probably be trusted to talk to one another... Would be great for gameplay as well and you could always have a chat/no chat game option for those who disagree for whatever reason

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Sounds like a very good thing. I would also like to see a chat forum BEFORE the game begins. So all players can chat before the game begins. And "lock" people so they cant join again and agian when you have "kicked" them out every 5 seconds. And I'm also beem thinking off a "team-multiplayer mode". Where you can play in teams in a game. Instead off it only contain all vs all. Then you maybe can play either 2vs2 / 3v3. That could be really cool!

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AddIng a chat feature is imperative. Also imperative is that the chat window not impeded on gameplay by either covering any part of the map, or needing to be managed while on a turn.

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David Mikael: Without hijacking this thread, I'd like to ask: for what reasons do you kick someone out of a game? I've had this happen a few times and I always wonder the reason? My ranking? The game is only for friends? Just curious. Thanks
WM Craft: I boot all novices from my games as more often than not they quit early and I don't want to play against an AI.

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