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RISK spectator mode after I'm defeated

IDEA: If I'm defeated in an online multiplayer game and there are other players remaining, a defeated player should have the option to remain as a spectator to continue watching. 

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I agree completely . why would I put 3 hours into a game to not know the outcome. We want to see players lose as well as allies win .

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This has been added to our planning list for development :)

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I think that if you leave that it should tell you who won when you open the app

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Yes, this option is much needed in risk

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Also please leave the emoticons on ( till the end of the game) so we could share our joy for the outcome / or more likely taunt the backstabbing rest cause we've already lost! :-)

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This would be great.

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When I play the board game, still play the original with wood pieces, I will watch to see who wins, I would be great to be able to do the same with the online version. Thx

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This is a real buzz-killer affecting every single match played between friends. For online games against strangers, you can maybe get away with it. But for family play this is a deal-breaker. This issue currently has double the votes of any other. Sincerely hope this gets prioritised ahead of new maps or whatever else. Have bought premium to support as having seen what you have achieved with game as a whole I trust you to fix this critical issue soon.

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Sam - I'm not sure if you noticed but the status is set to "planned". This means it's currently ticketed and assigned to our production queue. I can't give an exact release date yet, but it is a priority after we release the new dice rolling algorithm (which is just in QA now) and a bunch of other connectivity updates. We can see it's a community favourite feature, so don't worry it'll be coming soon :) We've always wanted to build this, and now we have the forum it just confirms that we have to build it.

And thanks for purchasing premium too. That's the only reason we're able to continue building this game, and we have ambitious plans for new RISK features in 2017! –Lee@SMG

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Great stuff Lee - delighted to hear this is planned. Thanks also for the swift response - definitely appreciate and admire your positive engagement with the community. A true example for other studios to follow.

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Update on what improvements are coming please and in what order you plan to do what and how long until we will have the updates. Just some information to keep the community excited. I see lots of great ideas but jw what is actually a possibility to get done for the game
This would be a great add on

This would be great indeed! 

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