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RISK spectator mode after I'm defeated

IDEA: If I'm defeated in an online multiplayer game and there are other players remaining, a defeated player should have the option to remain as a spectator to continue watching. 

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Spectator mode should be an option set at game start by host regardless of fog being set on. This is a pain when playing with friends 1. Not being able to see rest of game that is a major portion of the fun when playing friends or in an alliance. 2. Not knowing when game has finished or is about to finish so that you can prepare the next game invites or get ready for next game I.e. getting drink, snacks, bathroom break etc.

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Please bring back spectator mode!!! It helps discover cheaters! Also nice to watch the end of a long match.

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Yes, WHY? Bring back spectator mode please!

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what happened to spectator mode?  It went away after the last update....why?

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Can you add the ability to invite defeated opponents who accidentally left or friends to spectate a game?

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This was exactly what I came to request

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Spectator mode allowed me to spot a cheat after I was eliminated from a Fog of War Game. A player called bolk42 was giving himself 85 troops in a go, but doing it on territories none of the players in the game could see. I only spotted it because I was out, and when it was bolk42's go I could see all his territories. His opponents could see him allocating the troops the game was awarding him, but not the cheating troops he was putting on the out-of-sight territories.

What a loser.

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I've played RISK with friends for 50 years and while I really love winning, a big part of the pleasure is sharing the experience, win or lose. Being able to follow the remainder of the on-line game with your friends after you're eliminated would be a WONDERFUL addition. Hope you can prioritize this. Thank you.

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Now I have another idea, what if there was a broadcasting/replay system to the game as well? I mean there are many great moments that could be captured and some people can’t record it such as myself. Just imagine you could watch your previous battles and learn from your mistakes or even watch replays of others’ battles and learn from those, maybe even watch games that are currently happening (also thinking of live replay matches, you could also expand on that idea a bit more like adding a viewer reaction system, which that idea could be built more off of by itself.)

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To clarify after u lose a game and select spectator mode u then have to surrender to get out of spectator mode which equals 2 losses for the same game...but not suprised by this wonferful update...btw automatch never exceeds 4 players why is that...? Or even worse 3 players amd a bot....
Give up Risk and try Chess on line so much more rewarding and no cheats.
Fix it so u dont have to surrender after u lost to spectate the cheaters for confirmation that u had just been cheated u fuking idiots

I love the new feature too, great and thanks! I do notice however that when I want to spectate, I generally have to choose the option twice. Perhaps looking into?

Thanks SMG!

Great to see so many people enjoying it. We appreciate the support!


Great job SMG! Love this new feature!!!
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