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Zombie Apocalypse map pack & RISK theme

IDEA: New RISK maps, avatars and theme based on zombie apocalypse!

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What would a zombie apocalypse map look like? Maybe it could be a game mode?

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What would a zombie apocalypse map look like? 

Our artists would create a cool theme with zombie avatars, zombie board troop pieces and stylised map.

Maybe it could be a game mode?

Depending on how popular this is, we wanted to do a random zombie outbreak where random territories would have the troops turn into zombies that attack everyone. OR we'd have a default Zombie opponent against everyone. We've yet to brainstorm the rules.


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Sounds awesome, but instead what if in ''Zombie mode'' troops in a territory automatically turned and could ''infect" other countries. The zombie troop's can get a +1 every turn as long as they boarder a player. If they don't they loose -2 soldiers every turn till' the territory becomes vacant. Then players' can just claim them.

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Mark Robison, I like that but how would zombies attack other territories?

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It would be automatically every couple of turns or so.

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P.s. sorry for waiting to reply so long.
These are some random ideas that could prove interesting for a random outbreak version. Defeated units become zombies. Each continent can only spawn 1-2 ZT's a turn. Each territory with 1-3 armies have a chance of having zombies rise on them rendering it a Zombie Territory (ZT)? Or all Territories run the risk of becoming a ZT. Touching territories to zombie infested have a much higher chance of turning out zombie outbreaks to their neighboring territories. If two territories touching are ZT's they start to produce troop counts on both at an increasing rate by draining troop counts from the surrounding player territories. ZT's only attack once they reach 10 troop count targeting randomly or lowest troop count. When they attack they absorb enemy troop counts but loose their troops destroyed in battle. ZT's spawn/drain territories after each player has a round of attacks. They effect all surrounding territories. When two armies fight there's an increased chance that the involved territories will spawn zombies. If a continent becomes controlled by zombies all territories within that continent begin to add 1-3 troops to each one. If a player controls a continent it becomes immune to a zombie outbreak but joined territories are still leached on by ZT's if touching. Unique touch: Each player that becomes eliminated throughout the game increases a ZT on the last territory they controlled at the time of elimination permanently. Requiring more effort into holding the surrounding territories. Pro: It requires more strategy when maneuvering. Encourages players to leave higher counts of troops deployed across all territories. Makes high troop count battles less favorable by increasing the chance zombie territories to populate more frequently. Or can be utilized to inconvenience an opponent. Still promotes rivalry between players. Game can only be won by still controlling all territories. Can still lose game to hazard even if last player standing. Cons: Games can become longer Can make recoveries almost impossible.

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So sorry. Didn't realize that it didn't space as expected.
If there are Random zombie atacks would the objective be to survive like 10 rounds or kill other players.
Because I think surviving 10 rounds would be better with the option of killing other players to get more leaderboard points.
Like Nicholas Carlson said. Only adding that some of these should be options for harder games. Maybe a "save game"-feature should be available, since this WILL be a time consuming map! "Zombien continents" could be unable to conquer before it was bombed or a border was broken with a cure (a bonus card in a new set added to the regular bonus cards. Works for a single or multiple time/turns). Producing multiple Zombies (5?) each round for a few rounds in ALL territories. Everyone moves a single territory at a time. At least Zombies. Only fixed setup, - or a "Spectator view", as a guy suggested, showing the collapse of the world to... Say... Greenland or Eastern Australia or South America. Madagascar is maybe better. Start out with 3 or 5. Neighbours 5. Finding a group of survivors could be some of those new before mentioned need bonus cards.

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Hello and how are you supposed to get the game maps for zombie apocalypse for risk global domination for Android 7.1 ? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy j3 prime and I am getting very flustered trying to figure out how to get it on my phone?✝✝✝

Hi Robert,

There are currently no zombie maps released.

- Phillip@SMG

I thought about it...
If this Zombie Apocalypse was caused by a viral or some other illness, one infantry-unit (or cavalry- or even artillery-units, if your army is large enough), could succumb from this illness each round. One might even had to roll to see if it was converted to a Zombie and/or infected other units and how many. Maybe an initial roll to see if anyone died.

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