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Faster token refresh rate, limits and token bonus

IDEA: adjust tokens and refresh rate. For example

  1. Increase refresh rate of tokens
  2. Set higher limit for max tokens allowed.
  3. Award bonus token for online win (max. allowance per day)

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69 people like this idea

Yes more tokens and tokens for winning do it fast please find a new way to make money if you do more players will want to keep playing your game and would pay for something else maybe make it so that we can buy special cards I have ideas please reply I want to make this game better
I dont think a player should lose there tokens if they win the war.
Fix this and get new idea to make money off game would be the smart thing to do that way players don't quit when they see they are forced to pay to play I also lost 2 tokens when I lost connection so now I can't play for a day