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Faster token refresh rate, limits and token bonus

IDEA: adjust tokens and refresh rate. For example

  1. Increase refresh rate of tokens
  2. Set higher limit for max tokens allowed.
  3. Award bonus token for online win (max. allowance per day)

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it is more of a paid game probably than a free game. The tokens are more of a taster to encourage you to buy the game and support the developers. I mean this forum wouldn't really be here if people weren't buying the game and creating an active conversation for the game.

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At least set the refresh rate so I can play a couple games before being shunned until tomorrow. You get ganged up on and eliminated and then I'm out for a whole day after 5 minutes. Why do I use a token for an offline single player game against the computer?

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Just buy the game, it's not too expensive, and definitely worth the money

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I'm going to go premium but still, that refresh rate is insane. The hard CPU's are just complete bs, one of my CPU's got 45 troops with trade-in cards alone-

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Daernerys - 45 and higher for card trade in is more than possible in progressive bonus rules. 

If you ever feel a card trade in is incorrect take a screenshot of the map, then tap the Territory card button and take a screenshot of the bonus values and send us a support ticket to investigate. 

I'm not saying this is the case, but often we receive complaints from players about trade-in amounts and timing who are unfamiliar with the Hasbro rules –for example the 5+ forced trade-in during the middle of your turn if you seize cards. Incremental progressive bonus values below.

  1. 1st set = 4 troops
  2. 2nd set = 6 troops
  3. 3rd set = 8 troops
  4. 4th set = 10 troops
  5. 5th set = 12 troops
  6. 6th set = 15 troops
  7. After the 6th set, the bonus increases by 5 each time to a maximum of 60 troops. 

If you control the territory shown on the card, 2 bonus troops will automatically be deployed to that Territory (max 2 bonus troops).

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I feel that we should be able to play like 3-5 games before being stopped and if you win you get 2 extra tokens This makes better gameplay for all your players not just the premium players :-)

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I know that the risk game developers use the money they get from premium in the store, but what about the players that cant get premium? Do they have to wait 7 HOURS just for 1 TOKEN to come back. That is 2 tokens to play online, so they have to wait 14 hours. Please change this, and this game will become #1. If you agree than like this comment

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I understand that there needs to be value and advantage to the premium game purchase but 14 hours between games means I will and do forget about your game while considering the purchase. I'm sure others do as well. I don't agree that I should be able to play 3-5 as others suggested, but just this morning I got ganged up on, was out in 2 turns in 5 minutes and I'm done for the day! Maybe I could earn extra tokens for wins or placing well or faster refresh rate. I'm sure you have many players coming in for a test drive who get one game, are locked out and don't come back.

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Yes need more then three tokens a day, winning a game should win more tokens and should be able to chat with allied players for means of attacks..

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The length of time a game can take makes the token rate fair. If you want faster token rates then you are talking about advertising which is a data cost unless you have a wifi broadband available or some type of crowdsource sweat equity perhaps. Some interesting developments are possible there. What would be valuable is a larger pool than 3 tokens. If I can save 6 tokens that would be nice. If I don't play today I can play three online games tomorrow.
You can just buy premium. It's only a few dollars. Really it's about nothing. Maybe there should be a higher max tokens like 5 maybe.
Maybe add a view a AD a day for extra coin.

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Yes and also reduce the regen time billy