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Tokens Reward for 1st, 2st.

Hey I am a risk fan who play this game for +10 years already, and I must say that ya guys brought me joy with this awesome app, its very easy and fun to play! Ya guys want to earn money for your awesome game app, wich its okey with me. I think 7h waiting for the next game its way to long, and to be honest i almost stoped playing because of that.. but then i saw your message inside the app that leads to the forum, so i said lets give a shot. My opinion: 1) Cut the tokens timer for 30-60 minutes. 2) Give tokens rewards for 1st, 2st place. 3) Add Chat window, wich makes the game more fun and intresting. Thats all from me, wish it helped. Good luck  -RiskyGoat-

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Hi Risky Goat, thanks for the candid feedback. 

  1. You can vote for live chat here
  2. You can vote for 'canned' advance chat here
  3. You can vote for Token frequency adjustment here

We are considering future options on how to adjust token amounts and frequencies (bonus periods, rewards etc). We're not trying to be unfair, but we do need to carefully manage the effects of any change. If we cut it as short as 30 minutes, there would be almost no need for premium = no revenue = no game. Because of the lengthy game duration, RISK doesn't lend itself to advertising (versus other games where core game loop can be seconds or minutes), so IAP is fundamental in our case. –Lee@SMG 

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