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Token Refresh

8 hours is a very long time to wait for tokens to refresh. I get that you want in-app purchases and give unlimited token to those who pay. Why not allow a certain number of token refreshes daily by viewing video ads? This makes you money, costs the player nothing, and makes everyone happy. It also has the potential to make you far more money over time, especially since there are many players that will never pay for anything.

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Andrew we really appreciate your suggestion and taking the time to post it to the forum. 

I just wanted to clarify one point. Ads sound great in theory, but the data we have on our RISK game doesn't support them as a viable revenue model. Ads work great for games with shorter core game loops (we have other titles which are totally ad supported), but RISK duration is on average much, much longer.

The # of ads per day that would be served, based on plenty analytics for number of players who use up 3 tokens, the frequency this happens, the way ad serving and revenue per impression work versus dev costs and maintenance of third party plugins and how this might reduce IAP means we'd potentially lose revenue.

So, it's not always as clear cut as you might think :) Thanks again though, and keep sharing positive suggestions like this. –Lee@SMG

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