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24 hr+ RISK turn timers

IDEA: Asynchronous turn-based mode with 24 hr+ turn timers for slower-paced game. Multiple save game slots to support several ongoing games, and allow you to close the game and return back later.

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I know people who would play RISK but don't want to sit down for a long uninterrupted game. This is a great idea.

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yes good idea !

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Definitely needs to happen. Adding this option to premium would work well. I have several friends who would only play with the option for unlimited turn timers

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Came here to request this exactly. Friendly games should have the option for no timer. Playing with my family we are all in different schedules and want to play throughout the week!

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I would love this as I have family in other countries I'd like to play with, and our clocks are opposite so we cannot play at the same time.

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I posted a different idea that would achieve the same goal: a pause mode for multiplayer:

I think it's better to pause the game when someone has to leave instead of waiting a player to come back and play. That way you don't miss every players move by not being there (I like to see exactly what players did for each turn, it indicates what their strategy is...)

What don't you think of this idea?

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Unlimited turns seems pretty harmless for pass & play or friendly games, since you can pick who you play with.


This may be obvious, but in a game with strangers, people can hold up the game by never moving (maybe on purpose), so we need some timer to keep the game moving.


If this idea was implemented, a couple things would make it even better:


1. A log of the recent moves, maybe even a replay button to see the animations. This will remind people of which game they're playing and what they missed.

2. Names for different games so they're easier to distinguish


3. Notifications telling people it's their turn in (game name)

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Yep i have a group of friends whod be way big into this game if it were 24hr turn times. Wed just have a running game going constantly.

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Right now we all have jobs and kids and are totally unable to block out enough time for a full game.

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This is the single most important feature I will look foreword to

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I would love this. I could bring many friends into the game with this. From a money standpoint, you could also sell slots for multiple games. I wouldn't ask to get rid of live play but giving asynchronous play option would surely boost the popularity of this game. Being able to pick it up and put it down at your own convenience would make this the best app game.

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This is badly needed - its a feature many other Risk apps and Risk websites have as standard practice

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This is a feature we want to add and is a priority for us. Unfortunately it will require a great deal of rebuilding the game, as it could not support this feature currently. So look for this in the future.

- Phillip@SMG

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Great! Any idea on time scale?

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