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Make Color Choices Locally Significant

Would it be possible to make it so that color choices are locally significant for online games? I like to play a specific color and sometimes when I play online, I have to be a different color, which causes minor issues. Since the game is online, everyone could be playing on their devices as red, but all other players are different colors when displayed. Maybe make it possible to switch colors for all opponents in an online game, I could assign the strongest enemy red, second strongest orange, etc. What ever makes sense to me. Although this might take a bit of programming, I think it would have increase player satisfaction.

But then you have confusion in play with friends mode

For online play friends, this shouldn’t be an issue. For local pass and play, it can either be disabled or the colours can be swapped as each player starts their turn.

Maybe, I just feel it would really mess with stuff like battle logs and talking about games that happened

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