The second phase of your turn in RISK: Global Domination is Attack. Once you have drafted your troops, you may choose to attack. This step is optional; you can choose only to draft and fortify.The objective of an attack is to capture your opponents territory by defeating all their troops already on it. 

You can attack an adjacent enemy territory that shares a border with a territory you occupy, or one connected by a dashed line. To attack, you must have at least two troops on your territory.

Select where you are attacking from and which territory you are attacking. Then, you and the defending player will battle each other in dice rolls.

The game will automatically be set to Attack Blitz Roll

Blitz rolls can be used to speed up gameplay by performing consecutive rolls with the best attacking option available, i.e. 3 v 2. Blitz will finish when all committed troops are lost or the territory has been conquered. As mentioned Blitz has two options for rolling Balanced and True Random which is selected when creating a game.

Blitz has two options for algorithms used: Balanced and True Random. You are able to select your Blitz option when creating a game. There is also a slider option for Blitz allowing you to limit the amount of troops you dedicate to a battle.

Blitz is selected by default at the start of the game. You can change your rolling preference by pressing the left or right arrows (<>) next to the dice after selecting to attack a territory. This will default back to Blitz after each turn.

After a battle has concluded where you emerged the victor you are required to move over troops. The amount of troops required to move is based on available troops and the dice setup used in the final attack. For example if you used blitz to attack a territory you are required to move a minimum of three troops to conquered territory if you have attacked with 3 or more troops. If you used a Manual roll of one attacking die, you will be required to move one troop over to conquered territory.

Select the number of troops that you wish to participate in a blitz battle by adjusting the slider on the bottom right. 

 At the top of your screen is the Blitz Win Chance. This feature displays your estimated chance of victory. As an attacker, you can use this to inform your strategic decisions and estimate the odds of winning a battle, while rolling with a Blitz dice.


  1. Select Blitz Dice rolls if the chance of winning is closer to 100% than 0%. This will ultimately improve your chances of a successful attack.

  2. Limit your attacks so that you don’t lose your army too early. Remember, a continent without defenders is vulnerable, so make sure you can secure the continent with enough troops to defend it. Otherwise, play a slow and steady game, taking fewer territories at a time to strengthen your army.