The first phase of your turn in RISK: Global Domination is Draft. At the beginning of your turn, you will receive troops to place on the board and reinforce any territories you occupy. 

Players have a standard value of 3 troops to deploy in the draft phase. This number can increase based on the number of territories owned and continents owned, but can not be less than 3.

The number of troops drafted to you is calculated by:

  1. Territories/3. Example if you have 16 troops / 3 = 5 troops for territory count on draft phase.

  2. Continents bonuses; at the beginning of your turn, you will receive troops for each continent you control. To control a continent, you  must occupy all of its territories at the start of your  turn.
  3. Any troops you have gained from trading in RISK territory cards. (more details about RISK cards will be explained in training module 5: Card Trading)

The next step is to select a territory to draft your troops to

Troops can be distributed amongst any of your occupied territories (For example, if a player receives 5 troops they can choose to distribute their army across multiple territories or place it on a single territory).

You must draft all of your available troops during your draft phase.

Once you’ve drafted your troops you proceed to the next phase, attack. 


  1. No matter how many armies you receive at the start of your turn, deploy them carefully-either to prepare for an attack or to defend against one. It is a good military strategy to move your armies to the front, heavily fortifying territories that border enemy territories occupied by other players.

  2. Where you place your troops will depend on your strategy, if there are premium game modifiers such as Blizzards, Portals or Fog of War enabled , and how many troops you or your opponents get every turn. If you’re planning an offensive, you’ll usually place the most troops on the front line where you wish to strike, to maximize your ability to take the position you’re gunning for.

  3. If you’re feeling cautious, distribute a few troops in territories you want to defend, taking into account the enemy’s reinforc numbers from their Draft phases. And remember the higher your defenses the more intimidating you are to your opponents.