Cases have been raised wherein the "Free Car" feature will be unavailable while you are playing Thumb Drift. The unavailability will manifest itself in one of two ways: either the free car timer will simply reset back to 16 hours after reaching zero without allowing a free car to be unlocked, or it will disappear altogether. 

If the timer is resetting without allowing the unlocking of a free car, this can be caused by a couple of things:

- travelling to another timezone

- adjusting the device's internal clock to skip ahead

If this is the case, close the app and try a soft reset of the device. The timer should resume working as normal afterwards.

If the timer has disappeared altogether:

- scheduled maintenance on the timer server (less common)

- the allocation of cars unlocked with the timer has been exhausted.

These issues can be resolved. If the free car allocation has been exhausted, you either have all the cars unlocked, or the only ones you have left to unlock are unlocked in different ways. 

The cars that unlock without the free car timer are as follows:

- 1 x iAP coin doubler truck

- 2 x cars available for purchase with 50,000 in-game coins

- 4 x Easter Egg cars available by performing specific tasks in-game

Images attached of the Easter Egg vehicles. They will have a "?" displaying over their silhouettes. There are clues for these unlocks in the App Store description of the app, and circulating online:

Clue #4

Clue #3

Clue #2

Clue #1