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[feature request] bot to detect when a player attacks an ally

The feature request is related to .

I think the developer/publisher could monitor fair play rules and have a 'bot'/'robot' to monitor (track) when players attack their allies.

1. Saying 'sorry I need to attack your territory' does not mean you are allowed to steal a continent from your ally because he trust you.

2. Saying 'sorry I need to attack your territory' does not mean you can attack several territories from your allies without permissions.

One idea is the ally who has been attacked could be asked to confirm whether the attack was reasonable (and compliant to fair play) or whether it was abusive/aggressive/cheating.

Saying more on this idea. 

Stopping an alliance is part of the game but you should stop the alliance (using the alliance feature feature in the game) in order to act that the alliance is over before actually turning your ally into your prey/enemy.

Players would be required to end the alliance before attacking allies. This would help detect abusive behaviour. The bot would go 'hey they are still allies and this player is smashing the other player'.

Let's consider player A and player B become allies.

When player B wants to break the alliance, he presses the 'break alliance' button before any attack.

It is only fair to stop the alliance before any attack/betrayal.

This would also make the difference between 'fair play' (or normal course of a game) and cheating/abusive action.

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