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Can you do something about people quitting and bots taking over?

 I just played a game where 2 people quit in the middle of it and botted out.  So there were 5 of us....2 players were in an alliance....the other two were bots that just randomly attack whatever is near them and don't have any strategic sense whatsoever.  Most of the time they don't even try to prevent continent bonuses.

I was in Australia and I had to keep crossing Asia to attack one player in North America and South America because none of the other players were doing it.  As soon as those players quit the player in SA basically won the game because he had no one opposing him in North America except a bot that had a few territories in North America.

How about if a player quits their troops get divided up among the players still in the game instead of turning into bots?

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I don't like bots either. I play online in order to play with humans. Leaving during a game is not nice.

One more note : this could be a game setting. The player who creates the game either

1. when a player leaves, his territories are shared

2. a bot takes over

3. choose when/if it happens during the game.

Put some spice back in the game... if a player leaves, give territories to the weaker player first.

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