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Question about troop transfer when attacking?

I have seen numerous times when a player attacks be able to transfer only one troop to the territory they just attacked. I have never seen the option to transfer any less than 3 troops over so my question is how are they doing this? Is it cheating or am I just missing something obvious?

If you only want to transfer one troop, you have to roll one die while attacking.

The rule is you have to move at least as many troops as dice you rolled when attacking.  Roll one die and you have to move at least one troop, roll two dice and you have to move at least two troops, and roll three dice and you must move at least 3 troops.

But I wouldn't recommend rolling one or two dice because this significantly reduces your chances of winning.  If you don't have enough troops to attack with three dice you probably shouldn't attack.

You may have also noticed that when you have fewer than 4 troops on a country you can't attack with 3 dice.  This is because you can't leave a country with no troops and you have to move at least as many troops as dice you rolled when attacking.  If you only have 3 troops you can attack with no more than two dice, if you have two troops you can only attack with one die, and if you only have one troop you cannot attack.

I hope this clears things up!

Actually, Mark, I have also witnessed what Abby has said.  While I have seen it on occasion from a human player, I mostly see it with the AI player.  I think it is a bug in the system.  Now I haven't seen it over the past month, so I don't know if has been patched up, but it was a real occurrence happening in the game that wasn't normal.

Steven, never once did I say this doesn't happen.  In fact, I too see it happen occasionally.  My comment was an explanation for how it can happen.  If you don't like my explanation, go ahead an have a look at the official rules.  Why do you think it's "not normal"?

Because us human players do not have the ability to choose to send fewer than 3...if we still have that many, to the territory we conquered.  

Since this was originally posted a month ago, I now see this REGULARLY with the AI.  Personally, it doesn't bother me or mess me up when I'm playing, but imo it is something they need to check out.

Personally...the biggest complaint I have with the AI is the AI will take their 3 troops and then do absolutely nothing that turn.  So frustrating!

Quick addition to the original topic at hand...Mark, you are correct it can happen if the player rolled only 1 die...but what I have witnessed (and I assume Abby Boynton has as well, is the AI is attacking with all 3 die, wins the battle, but before they get to the fortify mode portion, they only left 1 or 2 armies in the newly conquered territory.  

Steven, how do you know the AI is attacking with 3 dice?

There is no dice roll animation when the AI attacks, so all we get to see is the outcome of individual battles.  And all of the single roll outcomes that can happen if the attacker rolls 3 dice can also happen if they roll just 2.  The defender losing 2, the attacker and defender each losing 1, and the attacker losing 2 are all of the possible 3 dice attack outcomes if the defender rolls 2 dice.  But all of those outcomes can also happen if the attacker rolls just 2 dice.  It's a similar story if the defender only uses one die: every outcome of attacking with 3 dice can also happen by attacking with just 2.

The 3rd dice doesn't add any new possible outcomes, it just changes the probabilities of the outcomes that already exist.  But all we can see when the AI attacks is the outcome.  So how do you know it's attacking with 3 and not 2?

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