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This game is unfair and the updates ruined my ranking. I'm very upset but trying to be reasonable.

I used to be a grandmaster in this game. I played fair and I played smart. As soon as the large batch of updates began several months ago my ranking dropped rapidly. I don't know if this was due to reports or because the algorithm that maps rankings and dice roles changed but my play style and attitude of fairness didn't. If people were falsely reporting me I feel sad about that. I hope this message reaches the people who design this game because i really really want to keep playing. I tried to stop playing but i love risk. I even deleted the app. recently i tried to start playing again but the dice roles still seem to be unfair in some way i can't calculate. There used to be more of a chance that you would get bad rolls with large troop numbers when using the "Blitz" roles. But now I just get steam rolled. Now strategies that didn't work, cheap ones like just building troops but not taking territories, seem to work very effectively. I really don't know what this post will do. In a perfect world I feel I would have my rank reinstated but i know thats not going to happen. I just really needed a place to express this frustration. Because this game is not what it used to be when i started playing. My tag is Ferd Fyodorov and if you see me please know I am trying to play a fair and reasonable game at all times. Please don't report me, I am not a cheater. I'd also be curious to see how many players stayed after this big amount of updates and rule changes. ( around the time they stopped having it so you could ignore someone and then re-request an alliance). ACTUALLY in truth I think the only thing that will solve this is adding a chat function between players who have alliances. there is no point to having an alliance if you can't talk strategy. The anonymity of the play makes it 10 times more frustrating. I would like to talk to my fellow players. Not to curse or yell or whatever but to remove this idea that people can misunderstand your motives and then report you. or just make up reasons to report you. I really like the people who care about this community. I just hope things change so i can start having fun again. All the updates have just made this game worse. it seems that they are using a "yo-yo" algorithm to make everything fair and to get more players but it doesn't make the game fun. They have just removed all the competition out of the game. Theres really no point in playing when it feels so tilted in one direction. It just feels very sterile where as risk is about being able to take risks. there is no risk anymore in this game. I hope it changes. Or maybe that I just get better at the new style of play. I am willing to believe maybe I just got bad or need to adapt. I am willing to believe I am over reacting. But to figure out if I am I would have to post this. Thank you to anyone who read all the way to the bottom. I hope you all have a great time playing risk and keep playing fair and smart. 

I hear you Eric. I posted a "cold streak" comment minutes ago, then saw your post. I hear you on the dice roll. It's almost as if I lost my game, and no point in leaving defending armies. They just fall over. Not every time. I have noticed that the RISK cards are predictable. I call it 95% of the time when I "get screwed" on cards. All soldiers, for 4 armies is dished out mid game alot. I see the pattern often. Defending armies of 25ish have been reduced to rubble by lesser armies of 15 attackers. If I was to say, it seems either the dice are feast or famine if I were to describe it as accurately as possible, with very little "feast". I use the blitz nearly always, and I have seen other players struggle with the dice, and others cannot lose a roll. Today, I finished 3rd of 4 players, earning me barely back to intermediate from beginner. A few days ago, I was expert. Having said that, my reduction was me alot. Adjusting strategy and perhaps my frustrated mindset played a bit in my losses. Keep trying bud. Good luck

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Not just me then. Same as, lost a 24 army while attacking a 3. Lost a 30 something army being attacked by 2. And never saw a single cannon card for a whole game. Expert to novice since last update. Such a shame.

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I simply do not believe that you had 30 armies in a country and were attacked by a country with 2 armies, and they won. The AI computer simply is not programmed to make that attack, and there are not too many players stupid enough to try and risk that roll. The dice can be shitty, i agree, but that seems so much past the point of believable that I have to call you out for embellishing the facts. I've lost 14-3, 12-4, 16-4 blitz attacks, but that is just 3 noted attacks in the literal thousands and thousands I've witnessed . So sorry to call BS, but BS.

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It’s the same for me having large armies on borders just getting blown away but smaller numbers.... I’ve played risk for 30years and on different platforms but how this game plays out is not true to the original which is why I’m not gonna carry on playing. Tactics have been adapted to take advantage of the inconsistency in dice rolls and as a result it no longer has the strategy which made risk great
I lost Nearly 7,000,000 points in 3 weeks due to updates, when is SMG going to fix the problem?
I was wondering why I was ranking down. I play against higher ranking players than me and win but I get bumped to beginner its very frustrating
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