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Best & Worst maps *Opinion Chat*

What do you think are the best and worst maps? Why?

You can’t ask that, and then not tell us yours!! ;) My favorite maps: Classic Europe- I am a big history buff and when I picture land wars, the European continent has some kind of nostalgic feel for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’m such a WW2 nerd. I have won from just about every starting position. Fun map. Although the “independent states” thing is kind of funky. It seems that concept is unique to this map. I have been able to sneak this massive troop reward without other players realizing I was holding a continent. French Revolution- Great for quick games. If I am on lunch break and just have 15-20 minutes this is my go-to map. Boston- I also think this is a very well balanced map that allows you to win from every starting position. Although they have what I consider a glitch between two territories. It allows you to attack from “Dorchester Bay” to “City Point”. Those territories don’t share a border. It cost me one game because I was unaware I left a door open. That’s lazy coding not to fix that. Ok, my bitching is over. Still love the map, and now I exploit the glitch in my favor. I don’t really have a worst map, because I just don’t play the other ones very much. So what’s your fav?
Ugh, no formatting of my post to break it up?? Dammit, this forum sucks. That is really hard to read since none of my line breaks made it into the post.
I like Boston and pirate skull for fixed. Boston because it seems well balanced and the skull because I have a good track record there. But my favorite map will always be the classic map. I use it for progressive because it is good for that but isn’t the most balanced for a fixed game.
Like sectaone, I also like Boston and pirate skull for the same reasons, but I also enjoy koiengsburg for the possibility of a nonsensical comeback, and the Eurasia map. On the negative side I can't stand the Mediterranean or the Arctic circle maps, both are severely unbalanced, and the other pirate map is weird too, two high bonus continents with ONE choke point? It's hard to loose once you've gained control, and hard to win if someone else does it first... and since we're talking maps, I'm not sure how to feel about the inflated continent bonuses granted in the new USA city maps. Because it is somewhat balanced, then it doesn't seem to be much of a problem, but it does sick when your getting +3 and 2 other players are getting +5 or more... but I feel like it pushes a more aggressive type of gameplay, so overall I'm a fan :)
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