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Dice fairness

Hey guys. I really love classic risk. That's why I had no problem buying unlimited games. My problem is that I've played about 140 games 25 of which I've won. I've been playing risk for 20 years so I'm not a bad player. Over and over again I lose because the dice the battles don't seem fair. I can have 25 troops and would lose to 3. Cards very often out of being awarded 9 cards I may only match once or twice. My question is; is this how you all intended the game to be? Surely I'm not the only one experiencing this. I'm sure of this risk can be brought closer to the original risk, die-hard risk lovers wouldn't mind paying a bit more to enjoy this fun game.

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True, the diceĀ are very flawed

There is always the statistical possibility that 25 troops will lose against 3... however, battles like that should be extremely rare!

Unfortunately, crazy results like that are quite common in the game... we can only hope that SMG fix the problem asap (together with all the other issues lol!)

I have noticed that the computer loves the number 2.
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