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Harder Computers

I often play Risk in areas without wifi, so I have to play most of my games with computers. Sadly, even though I set the computers on 'Expert' mode, the hardest available mode, the computers are too easy. I win almost all of my games with them, and I want more of a challenge. I also want harder computers because I want practice for online games. Could there please be harder modes for computers, or at least could there be a way to give computers an advantage at the start of the game?

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Programming AI is tough - look at Chess for example lol... plus Risk has the additional factors of many different players instead of just two, and the element of chance with the dice and cards and alliances etc...

I recognize that, but I'm sure that the SMG programmers can make a harder mode, seeing that they've made modes in the past. Even if they can't program the AI to be smarter, they could make a setting where the computers get an advantage at the beginning of the game. (For example: the computers start the game with more troops than the player/s.)

Yes of course bro - SMG can and should (and hopefully will!) improve the AI... all I'm saying is that it isn't an easy job so will take a lot of time and effort

Personally, I would much rather they look at fixing all the other issues first lol

Once the basic foundation of the game is rock solid - they should focus on the AI and increasing Game Modes and adding new Maps etc...

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