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Retreat territories

In the board game if someone attacks you and you have territories touching the attacked territory you can retreat your troops to said territory. I think it would be a great feature because it would allow me to get troops out of the way for someone to take a country or region without loss of troops on my end or the attackers end so it would happen more often. I see it all the time people are scared to attack and lose troops

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You say in the board game, by this you mean in "your version" of the board game. This is not an official rule. Kind of strange if you ask me. When attacking your goal might me to eliminate that army. You can't just let them retreat. 

Main problem I envision is that players could split their armies across key chokepoints (like Greenland and Iceland on the classic map) and then just retreat if attacked by a large force. This would remove some of the risk involved in keeping your attack options open.
My family has enjoyed for years in the board game being able to pull forces from one country to another conquered adjacent country when threatened with an attack. It adds an amazing dimension to the game. Could this be added as a game option? This removes the somewhat ridiculous turnabouts in progressive games, when someone who is almost dead suddenly becomes the most powerful player on the board. Don't knock it until you try it!
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