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I have reported all the cheaters that I know for sure in the game because some of them are very obvious. However, this issue has yet to be resolved. I would like to be able to get back into the game after being wiped so that I can see the end of the game and figure out who's cheating for real. This game is not fun at all if people cheat and I am considering to find something else more entertaining and healthy to play.

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Eric, you said you're not a developer but you seem to know what they're doing.

Why is the AI so fucking horrible?  I had Iphone Risk a decade ago and the AI was much better, it actually tried to take continents away and conquer territories.

Why is it in SMG Risk a fucking bot has no tactical sense whatsoever?  How is that possible after years of developing?

I just lost a game because one player quit in the middle of it and became a bot.  He was actually winning at the time and had a huge army, which then proceeded to disperse and surround me, preventing me from attacking the only other human player left

It would be one thing if the bot actually attacked but I was stuck in Australia with a huge bot army in the entrance while the other took over SA, NA, Africa and Europe.  The bot didn't even attempt to stop him!

I'm the guy who asked about humans controlling bots because in that one game that bot acted intelligently.  In every other game the bots just do dumb shit, sometimes they just fortify....sometimes they just go on killing sprees.....sometimes they try to conquer territories but it's mostly completely random.

How can the AI be this bad after years of developing this game?  It's incredibly frustrating to play an hour  or two long game then have some idiot quit and have his just turn into a player that has zero tactical sense.

This happens all the time, players either don't confirm or they quit in the middle of a game and they turn into bots which fuck up the whole game.

Why can't SMG either make the bots play at at least novice level and make basic tactical decisions like attacking a continent to take away a bonus  or when someone quits why can't their territories either be turned into "no man's land" that players can conquer or why can't their territories be divided equally among the remaining players?

Ideally I'd just like to see SMG fix the fucking bots.  I don't understand how every other version of Risk I've played from computer to Playstation to Iphone....and these were decades ago.....can have decent AI but in 2020 SMG can't figure it out?

Hey Eric,  just lost another game because 3 players botted out.

6 player game....1 bot at the start.  3 players quit for whatever reason.  I'm surrounded by bots in Australia and the bots don't even try to stop the only other human player from taking over NA and SA.

I was down in Australia with the green bot, it just kept adding men to one territory in  Australia!  It didn't attack my territories in Australia even when I broke out of Australia and I only had 1 troop in each territory!

The orange bot took over Europe, then sat there and attacked random territories in Asia while the blue player had NA and SA!

How can the AI be so broken?  How is that possible?  You guys can't program the AI to at least try to take away continent bonuses?  Or make basic strategic decisions? 

And if you're not a programmer could you pass the word along to them that this is a HUGE problem?  Especially when people leave games and bots take over?  I was literally surrounded by bots blocking me in while the other player could just do as he pleased.  This has happened to me twice in the last few games I've played.

Eric, I just lost another game because 2 people botted out, one didn't confirm the other quit early in the game.

Seriously......why is the AI so bad?  Having to sit there and watch bots let a player keep NA because they don't have the tactical sense to attack is infuriating.

I've been playing this version of Risk for 2-3 in the  hell is it the AI is still this bad?  I mean it's completely broken.

And there's nothing you can do to avoid it....if someone quits they turn into a bot.  I don't know if it's because I'm higher ranked now but I've been having a real problem with people quitting in games.

Is there some explanation for why the AI is completely broken years after the game was released?  I had Risk on my Iphone 10 years ago and the bots in that weren't as good as humans but they actually had tactical sense and would try to take over continents. 

This is why I asked if it were possible to hack a bot, because that is the only bot I've ever seen that behaved that way....INTELLIGENTLY.  

I've chatted with you on the Discord, seems my fellow moderators there are taking care of it.

Unless, of course, you aren't that person, but that I doubt.

What's your user name on Discord?  This should be good.

Glad to find out the AI isn't completely just has "personality" lol.

I'm Quinntessential, the one you talked to quite a bit haha

Well you guys sure are great moderators.  I loved the way you all swarmed all over me! 

I didn't realize pointing out how shitty the broken AI was such  a touchy subject with you all.  Why are you all so defensive if someone points out that the AI is awful?

I loved the comment, I forget when one of you said it....but the comment was something like "hey Bart.....I just beat AI in a game in 5 minutes".....which completely proves my point lol.

The AI in Risk is completely useless and when players bot out or don't confirm it totally ruins the game because the AI doesn't behave intelligently, it's totally random.  You can claim it has different "personalities" but the fact game......the AI doesn't behave intelligently.  If you're stuck by a player with a large army and it bots out you then have to deal with that nonsense while a player on the other side of the map might be completely clear of the bot's reach.

The reason I brought it up and was so incensed is it happens all the time in games, I've lost 3 games recently due to players botting out and the AI being usesless. 

I also just won a game where the same thing happened to someone else.  They were surrounded by bot troops and had to break through them to get to me.....which weakened them to the point that they couldn't defeat me.  The bot surrounded them, stacked troops around them....didn't try to do anything else except conquer a few random territories lol.

5 years into this game's existence and they can't even get the fucking AI to do basic things like fortify borders, attack borders or recognize who the strongest player in a game is?

When you can leave borders unprotected because you know the AI won't attack the AI is completely broken.  Completely.

And getting defensive about it when someone points it out isn't fixing it.

You can lodge complaints through a support ticket, the proper channels. Please stop now.

 That's some first rate moderating right there!

You're a lot less rude when you use your own name!


Not sure what you're talking about.

howell checkov 27 is a cheater with sub account Dusty The Shadow 32

There is a need of "why are you cheating?" chat button in game. 

Cheaters must be banned without money refund.


My experience with reporting cheaters is a large number of banned accounts. The wonderful lady in the SMG team is constantly and hard working on finding cheaters and banning their accounts. For example, I report a couple, and she digs deeper and finds 4 cheaters cooperating. I have to stand in their defense because they deserve it. Did you report the cheater?

 Koray the emoticons are awful, they need a "suspicious" icon to use at least to let other players know if you see something suspicious.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's cheating or someone just being an idiot though.  I just played a game where 2 players didn't confirm.....and 1 botted out in their first turn.

So that left me, yellow and blue as the only human players.  For whatever reason, even though he had 20-some troops massed together on turn 4  the blue player suicided on yellow.  I don't know if they had a history of beef or the blue player was angry the yellow kind of pushed him out of SA but the rest of the map was wide open.  Maybe the blue player just didn't want to play a game where there were 3 bots?

Anyway from the yellow player's POV he might suspect that the blue player and I were in cahoots because it was just such a sudden and random suicide and it benefited me because the blue player had 4 cards and only 6-7 troops left.  I finished off blue then yellow was easy.  The AI sucks so beating them was a breeze.

But the yellow player is probably wondering if blue was a 2nd account of mine.

Just played a game against a cheater, Benja_cone was using Joaquitop as a second account. Reported it, let’s see if “they” get banned.
There really needs to be a chat icon for “cheater” or “suspicious“ or “warning” it something like that. I realized the two accounts were working together early on because Joaquitop kept attack large numbers of my troops with Benja_cone right next to him. He wasn’t at all worried about Benja_cone attacking him, right from the start. Joaquitop took out a 6 and and a 5 troop territory of mine on his first 2 moves. Then Benja_cone moved right next to him and didn’t attack. Obvious 1 user with two accounts.
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