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Pause mode for multiplayer games (or at least play with friend)


I'm mostly playing Risk with my friends and there's one feature that I'd really like that has not been proposed by someone else yet (or I couldn't find it...).

It would be the possibility to pause a game if all the human players are OK with it. The idea would be to continue the game 5 minutes later but also the day after if needed. And it would be great when a player disconnect/crash, so he can continue his game without the bot doing horrible decisions for him.

An auto-pause feature would be nice too, to pause the game if a human player disconnect.

For resuming the game, I'd prefer a button that all players have to press (not a timer) to indicate that they are ready.

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These are some neat ideas. Disconnecting is a hassle.


Could you choose any time? For example "____ wants to pause for 10 mins. Accept/Decline"


Do you mean a button to skip the timer or no timer at all? Someone might leave the game paused because they don't want to lose.

Mhhh, the best idea I can come up with is the following:

A pause option button that anybody can click on that would propose the following

- 2 minutes pause

- 5 minutes pause

- 10 minutes pause

- 15 minutes pause

- Pause until all players are OK to start again

When a player select one of the different options, I would stop the game for 15s at the end of the turn and ask everybody if they are ok with it.

If it's good for everybody, the game pauses for the time select, if not, it continues.

With that solution, you can accept 5 minutes pause online max if you are in a rush, but you can also wait longer when you have time or when you play with your friends. And you can pause the game if it's 2 in the morning and want to resume the day after.

If someone didn't respond to the pause demand, it would also continue. In case someone left 1 minute and didn't want to pause forever.

Maybe another idea would be to allow each player x minutes of pause time each game max. So if you and I were in a game, I could take a 2 minute break whenever I wanted but that's it. And the allowed time for each player could be set by the host. I think this may be a little simpler to implement.
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