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Rewarding Risk players when they quit?

As it stands now, if a player quits the computer takes over and plays at a level that often exceeds the original player by a longshot. This not only rewards the player who quit but also penalizes the players who have not. This is unfair gameplay as I assume losing to a computer on steroids that has taken over for a low caliber player still negatively affects your player ranking. Please figure out a way to penalize the player who quits and not those who stick around to deal with the consequences.

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You've got to be kidding me. The computer is the easiest opponent in the game. The only thing that annoys me about a computer is it will suicidallly attack a player just because it can make the kill where as a human player would never try to take a territory that I have, for political reasons, made so that they do not want to go after me. The result is I have to stack up territories near a computer so I can force it to attack neighboring territories / enemies (why it makes playing with a computer in the game so easy to beat others).

I also hate how computers trade as soon as they can. Their AI is getting better over the updates but they still suck and disrupt game play. The worst thing which I think the last update actually solved is if someone dropped out and the computer did nothing, it would give him a card for free. I think that was dropped though I havent noticed it in a while.

It would be nice if I knew for sure if someone became a computer or not. I can see the flip card option disappear and can observe how the player acts to know if it's a computer (no arrows showing movement) but I have sometimes mistaken a player for a computer when he simply blocks me and I didnt see him move yet. Computers dont get angry when you attack them for fun. Human players do.


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My worry in this particular case, in penalizing players who "drops out" of an ongoing game could also be just the case that their connection is bad, in which case meant that a player gets penalized for something that they did not intentially wish to do. But the drawback if "lost connection" were not counted as a penalty, then other players will use that tactic to exit the game without a penalty (which I admit, I have done so many time in the past in games like Unofriends). Aside from this, I quite like the idea that there should be an indicator for when a computer takes over a player, as I had been playing today, thinking I was playing with him the whole time. When it in fact turns out he disconnected 2 minutes after the game started and his wifi didn't start up again. (Thus also the reason that I believe penalising players for disconnecting or leaving a game has to be carefully looked at)

 When I was traveling in the Philippines, I was having connection issues all the time. Thankfully, you can get back into a game now when you get dropped. But yes, if you drop right from the start and never come back in, thast sucks. I've played some master accounts that are a computer the whole way through. No fun and unfair to him that he's guaranteed to take a loss.

I would actually like to see a "ready to go" button on the start page because if you join and leave immediately, people can start the game with you still in it. I don't join games for this reason. Too many people play with novices and if I try to look for games with high ranking people, I'm pretty much stuck with staying if I join a populated game that has a bunch of novices for fear of being a dead human player at game start when I exit just before the game actually starts on my end.

I totally agree. The newly updated computer is better than a lot of players. I've seen players quit when they're about to die and the computer makes amazing come backs all the time. I don't think it's cool that a player who quits can win the game rank-wise. I also hate games where you're stuck playing 4 Kamikaze computers.

Great idea, but like myself the server is forever disconnecting me, which makes me loose my coin/s and look like I have chosen to quit. Needs some work by the developers/ servers.

Most online games punish you for leaving, regardless of the reason. If you can't guarantee that you can be connected and available to play, then don't start a game - it is that simple.

Imagine if this was another kind of game like Dota - would you want to play with anyone that might just disconnect? You can't ruin other peoples time because don't you don't have a good connection.

Starting a game like this is a large time investment for everyone, and it is reckless to start games knowing that you will be disconnected. Very rude to everyone.

Online gaming requires stable internet if you want to be courteous to others. If you play online games without stable internet, you are rude and discourteous to others.

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Hey Troy, it's a 3 year old thread but i agree with you. I've only recently learned that this is why players are always disconnecting when they're about to die. It's basically cheating. It's the crappy thing an older brother would do... Walk away and say ”but you didn't beat me". Shitty people do shitty things.

You still lose the same amount of rank points as if you didn't quit, I don't quite see the issue.

Hi guys. Just to check. In a 6 player games. All other 4 opponents have been defeated But I was defeated by an offline player. Does it still reduce my rank points?

Yes! It counts as a loss to that offline player, but beating all the others.

Eric Asmodius, that's the problem that people are referring to though. The winning offline player gains rank points that they probably wouldn't have won if they'd stayed in the game. The advantage of leaving before you're beat is that the other players tend to ignore abandoned players and concentrate their attack on the remaining live ones. 

Yeah, that's sometimes an issue - there are people who exploit that by leaving then rejoining later in the game - but this thread is about the computer player being better than the original player. Regardless the reason the quitting rewards you the same spot as your AI is to combat the players who harass others by failing to end the game when they have clearly won, so that those players can leave and avoid a never ending game without taking a rank point hit.

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