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Greater performance - Risk, combine multiple screens into one.

I enjoy playing risk, but hate how bad it performs on my cell phone.

The game plays fine, but anytime I have to switch to view who's allied or how many cards each player has, my screen freezes really bad. Sometimes so bad the players turn is over before I can exit screen back to game play.

I feel there is no reason to have to switch between screen to see when your next turn is or how many cards all users have. This could easily be combined on one screen.

I attached a copy pics to demonstrate the idea. (Rough pics)

All the game needs is to add each players icon on the left or right of the screen, showing who is playing, the order of play, a # representing how many cards each user has, and the symbol representing your alias. I could stay on one screen and know all the info I need for strategy.

Also, since the only communication we have are emo's, could we have better choices then happy or mad. Something that shows WTF would be great. I'm referring to the guy who almost owns north america, then decides to go all the way across the map to take Australia but falls short. Then were both dead because of the noob move, and the next guy kills us both.

(196 KB)
(102 KB)

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Matt, can you send us a separate support ticket with details of this screen freeze please.

Also, on the emojis, there is an existing request here you can vote for


Probably a personal device issue rather than a game issue. Though some kind of small subtle indicator to keep the game looking fairly simplistic than over complicated could be useful

Could be device, always a possibility.

Current phone - Droid Turbo 64GB, also tested Droid turbo II and was surprised is was much worse. Switched back to my original Droid. (All phone OS updates applied)

Anyone else having lag issues when switching between screen? (playing map vs player details)

- 6 players

- Some games are OK, others are worse so I typically play one the game play window which plays fine, during those times.

Matt, can you send us a direct support ticket please with this freezing info (use the "+New Support ticket" link in top right) rather than via the forum. It allows us to track and send to our QA team. Thanks! –Lee@SMG

Posted "Support ticket" two days ago, no responses yet...

Matt, we are working through all the requests. We're a small team, so please be patient, but we will respond.

We're busy building new features too :)

Thanks –Lee@SMG.

Yes, there is a lot of wasted space on the Classic Map - it would be better used like you say, with icons for all the players giving info about how many total troops and incoming troops and cards they have...

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