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Territory card trade in: allow me to choose which country gets the 2+ troop bonus

IDEA: When you trade in Territory cards, if a player has multiple 2+ bonuses (these bonuses are if you occupy a territory on the map that is shown on that card), official rules state that only one 2+ bonus can be awarded. Currently the computer automatically decides which territory. 

This idea is to allow the player to decide which territory to receive 2+ troops in this scenario.

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This is something I've wanted for a long time :)

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To put bonus on territory you want,rearrange the card order-put the one you want first.

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Great idea Steve, and probably the one we'd go for.

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I do it now. It works. No additional programming needed.

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It's currently based on alphabetical order, not order you place the cards. But making it so it's based on the priority of cards redeemed left to right is a very easy way to accomplish this.


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The order the computer picks the cards is alphabetical. The order the territory bonus to be assigned is chosen is left to right. You can shuffle the cards until desired territory bonus is on the left.

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Example you have new guinea and siam in the cards suggested by computer . Unselect then reselect new guinea and the territory bonus will go to siam instead.
The highlight will still be on New Guinea but the bonus will go to Siam if it is on the left so there is some code to clean up in there.
Love the idea Lets make it happen
I've tried that before and it didn't work but I haven't tried it recently. I'll try again next time around and see what happens.


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Well hopefully they update that. I haven't either. But ill try again soon.

This is now in progress, folks. Aiming to include in the next update. –Lee@SMG

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 I did confirm that it works to put them in the order you want to trade in. It still highlights based on alphabetical order but awards based on your order. Can't wait for the update. That needs to be smooth and clear.

One thing that bothers me in the Fixed card bonus mode is that it always gives you the lowest possible amount of troops that you have a set for. For example, I have 3 infantry, 1 cavalry, and 1 cannon. It automatically gives me only 4 troops for the 3 infantry, instead of 12 for the set of all three.
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