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Reporting Options

This post is the offical place to discuss options for reporting players in game.

Idea: In game functionality to report players.

Express your ideas, but please keep all player reports to the support tickets.

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Totally agree with you, Zachary.  I sent the folks here at SMG a HUGE message with many pics of the game.  I was eliminated and decided to stick around as I already suspected cheating was going on, so I stayed to watch and the cheating was clear as day.  After they eliminated all the other human players...they played around like they were trying to build up huge armies before beating each other...I then made the "mad" face just to let them know I was there.

They immediately went back to attack mode and, as expected the Grandmaster was the winner.

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Yes, just had horrible cheating with riskranger and dogabuser. Blatant cheating. Blatant coordination using fog of war, which was stunning since it makes cheating easier to detect. In the end, the grandmaster won, even though there was no possibility that s/he should have. I reported the users, but likely nothing will happen. Makes me want to quit playing altogether since I became a grandmaster the old fashioned way...I earned it
A possibility ti Report Players would bei awesome Right now i'm playing a Game with 3 Others players and one with only 3 areas ist slowplayjng and stuck in the reinforcement-phase for 30 minutes ... Wonder how this ist even possible
Y dose in not let me log back in and kicks as soon as I start winning
Can someone please explain how in a fair game the grandmaster should have won this game? It is progressive and explain to me why the master account fortified 40 troops into an area that did not need to be fortified and instead of taking the grandmaster out... he fortified 40 troops there instead of attacking? Please someone explain how this isn't blatant cheating!!!! Xenturion81 and Melanie Nance needs to lose their rank and go back to NOVICE because they clearly didn't earn their ranks by playing fairly!!!! And why did xenturion leave 1 troop for melanie nance to take from me my cards when he/she could have easily taken it!!!!!

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And yes! I reported them on the in game.. and through the support ticket. Now I'm blasting them!
Tonybennett1, Reginald Viking 22 and MakisParitsis are either close friends or a player with multiple accounts. None of them attacked each other in a meaningful way the entire game despite all three holding continents. Once myself and the other three players we're eliminated i spectated the match and they both played down and let Reginald Viking 22 win. Game id: 087a4aba-a2f2-47ad-91f8-cac3b511a582
Is there a possibility for SMG to make a “search for player” option? Not just a “play w/ friends”, but search for a specific player, to see if that player happens to be teamed up in games w/ “associates” cheating the game? Ive begun to screenshot all of my games, players and the board itself as the game moves along b/c i continue to see the pattern of “player(s)” colluding in the few weeks ive been using the app... It’s not fun, it’s not fair, and if i suspect a player is cheating the game, i want to be able to look that person up, see if they are playing w/ an associate and/or spectate on their games if that was possible (to help expose the cheaters) and if those options arent available, i agree with one of the other player’s idea of putting a “block player” option in on the game, or an in-game notification to SMG to report suspected cheating...those seem like pretty simple ideas to implement

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THREE YEARS AGO I suggested SMG Studio adds a 'Block Player' button that over time will narrow down the pool of players available for cheaters, eventually leaving only beginners to be suckered by them. I've hardly played RISK over the past six months because I'm sick and tired of (1) the cheating and (2) the lack of concern and action by SMG Studio. Until this is rectified, there are other viable 'RISK type' alternatives out there...
ThrashSydney, the Ignore slider on the reverse of the player-card lets you prevent both:
  • You from joining their hosted games
  • Them from joining your hosted games
  • (This can't prevent you and them from joining someone else's game though)
And there's the fairly easy route for reporting players in-game if you don't wish to report via a support ticket

Hi, I submitted a ticket for my suggestion but I think this is a better place to share:

Current situation:
When I report a collaboration, I write down the names of the cheaters in the explanation so SMG can look further into their behaviour or previous reports related to their names. 

This can be time consuming and is very error sensitive because you have to manually type the names. Also, the data that is submitted by this report needs to be interpreted and is therefore error sensitive on the SMG side as well. Basically what you need is the unique player ID's from the collaborating players. 

When you are being cheated on by collaborating players, it would be nice to pick the two collaborating players from the list of players in the game. 
Krazy_eyes_killa is a cheat. What we need to do is keep a tally and list of suspected cheats. If they show up all the time on that list then it gives legitimate players a resource. Even if they are playing in tandem with a family what. I dont want to play with those players either. I want to play with those who want to win.
Please fix the lag when attacking other players, it’s destroyed the game

Das ganze Spiel ist seltsam mindestens 40 Spiele wurde immer überrand weil kein Kartenplus nur bei den anderen. 

Echt Krank, 3 Züge und man ist Kaputt, wie geht das ?????

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