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Reporting Options

This post is the offical place to discuss options for reporting players in game.

Idea: In game functionality to report players.

Express your ideas, but please keep all player reports to the support tickets.

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So this feature is actually really great but I would like to be notified if my report actually did something. I just recently played a game where I was doing really well and a grand master was in it as well. I started noticing that his troops would double. He would take over a territory and it would clone the amount he just moved back to the place he attacked from. He quickly had 200 troops and was taking over the continents with no contest. I reported him but would really like a confirmation that its being looked into or something because it was really frustrating.

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Totally agree with you, Zachary.  I sent the folks here at SMG a HUGE message with many pics of the game.  I was eliminated and decided to stick around as I already suspected cheating was going on, so I stayed to watch and the cheating was clear as day.  After they eliminated all the other human players...they played around like they were trying to build up huge armies before beating each other...I then made the "mad" face just to let them know I was there.

They immediately went back to attack mode and, as expected the Grandmaster was the winner.

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STOP THE CHEATING!!!! It's disgusting, almost 8 out of 10 is cheating game , There must be a way to stop this ! I think the best way is to host random games , where I just chose my preference game setting , press a button and join a game hosted totally random !!! So don't use Normal game where u can join random or by choice , You can online single player

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Well, if SMG can't even look after a tiny forum like this... do you think they will bother doing anything about cheaters?! 

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Yes, just had horrible cheating with riskranger and dogabuser. Blatant cheating. Blatant coordination using fog of war, which was stunning since it makes cheating easier to detect. In the end, the grandmaster won, even though there was no possibility that s/he should have. I reported the users, but likely nothing will happen. Makes me want to quit playing altogether since I became a grandmaster the old fashioned way...I earned it
THREE YEARS AGO I suggested SMG Studio adds a 'Block Player' button that over time will narrow down the pool of players available for cheaters, eventually leaving only beginners to be suckered by them. I've hardly played RISK over the past six months because I'm sick and tired of (1) the cheating and (2) the lack of concern and action by SMG Studio. Until this is rectified, there are other viable 'RISK type' alternatives out there...

It seems there are many different ideas in one thread. I have therefore created two topics for two different suggestions :

Reporting unreliable allies

I have crossed several players who offer you an alliance. Once the alliance has been accepted, they come and smash you 'in the belly' (in the your strongest position) in order to destroy when the alliance is still on. You would expect to be able to rely on your ally. In my humble opinion, this kind of behaviour kills the fun of the game, would it be possible to implement a button to report 'unreliable allies' please?


[feature request] bot to detect when a player attacks an ally

The feature request is related to .

I think the developer/publisher could monitor fair play rules and have a 'bot'/'robot' to monitor (track) when players attack their allies.

1. Saying 'sorry I need to attack your territory' does not mean you are allowed to steal a continent from your ally because he trust you.

2. Saying 'sorry I need to attack your territory' does not mean you can attack several territories from your allies without permissions.


One idea is the ally who has been attacked could be asked to confirm whether the attack was reasonable (and compliant to fair play) or whether it was abusive/aggressive/cheating.

Saying more on those ideas. 

Stopping an alliance is part of the game but you should stop the alliance (using the alliance feature feature in the game) in order to act that the alliance is over before actually turning your ally into your prey/enemy.

Players would be required to end the alliance before attacking allies. This would help detect abusive behaviour. The bot would go 'hey they are still allies and this player is smashing the other player'.

Let's consider player A and player B become allies.

When player B wants to break the alliance, he presses the 'break alliance' button before any attack.

It is only fair to stop the alliance before any attack/betrayal.

This would also make the difference between 'fair play' (or normal course of a game) and cheating/abusive action.

Can someone please tell me why when you go to join a game of risk the game setter is allowed to remove someone,(Or should I say someone he sees as a threat to his stats),I often see people of the same level joining a game and at the very last second a “senior” player jumps in,or a senior player is starting a game and he is selective over who he wants to play/ beat?
Rory, as host the player has the right and ability to choose opponents. If I’m hosting a game and a known cheater tries to join, of course I’m going to boot him. I suppose some hosts would remove an opponent who has beaten him previously or perhaps it’s someone who betrayed an alliance in a previous game. In any case, the host has that choice.
I got a response and they seemed to take some action against a "couple" of cheaters I reported.  Maybe they don't do enough, but at least they did something.


Sorty for putting this here. Will add a report ticket.
BraindeadSalmon54392 played as both players. It was obvious. He's a POS cheater.

AgileArtist73554 just used two accounts against me.

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