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Reporting Options

This post is the offical place to discuss options for reporting players in game.

Idea: In game functionality to report players.

Express your ideas, but please keep all player reports to the support tickets.

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STOP THE CHEATING!!!! It's disgusting, almost 8 out of 10 is cheating game , There must be a way to stop this ! I think the best way is to host random games , where I just chose my preference game setting , press a button and join a game hosted totally random !!! So don't use Normal game where u can join random or by choice , You can online single player

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Maybe there is a way we can help to regulate cheating ourselves...

1) On the card in the Players screen - add a "Report" button - if someone suspects they are cheating, they hit that button

2) In the Create Game section - highlight any games that have been "Reported"

3) Allow people to go in and spectate these games - and if they also feel that cheating is going on, can confirm it and have that player automatically flagged for inspection by SMG

I'm sure this could work quite well once the user base is large enough - besides, it's quite interesting to watch other people play... so adding a Global Spectate function for everyone would be great anyway!

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This really needs to be implemented asap. I have no doubt that the game I just played involved a player hosted bot. The username of the player is RestingHippo1093. I will give the characterstics of this bot and compare them to my knowledge of Risk AIs. Risk AI: > Able to strategically guide the bot on where to generally attack next depending on certain factors like troop count in adjacent territories, and open paths. > Depending on how much the board changss before the AI's next turn, it can take almost an entire turn for the bot to recalculate; sometimes taking an entire turn. > The attacks of the AI are instant, however, there is a certain delay from attack to attack. > Will build troops around player troops that stay stagnant in order to eventually overtake them, or to defend a position/border. > Generally, the AI will most likely leave a path of ones behind depending on how big their attack sprees are, and whether or not they are trying to take space, or claim a continent. Player Hosted Bot: > Attacks instantly with no delays on the next attack, while also leaving troops behind with almost every attack. The bot takes no time in leaving troops behind as a human would normally do. > This bot seemed to attack in ways that were mathamatically the most strategic. > The bot was able to regain ground pretty quickly, which made it almost imposible to eventually take over. > It didn't seem to be easily controlled. The only thing you could do was build so that it didn't think it could take that territory, otherwise, there was no stopping or controlling where it would go next. > It fortified at the end of every turn and would do so in a strategically smart mannor. All in all, this bot was probably two times more difficult than the "Hard" AIs in game. Somehow I managed to still outsmart it and win, but only by a hair. Its use of taking, defending, while also landgrabbing, made it extremely hard to drain, and it almost seemed like a powerful virus that kept spreading and spreading. Someone mentioned a cheat check sort of deal. I think that would be nice, but as far as bots go, It would be good to implement a way for the game to recognize bot like activities and kick the player from the match, and ban them.
Extremely sick of people cheating by running 2 accounts. You cannot possibly win 2 against 1. Something must be done to allow honest players to report cheaters when we see them!

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BraindeadSalmon54392 played as both players. It was obvious. He's a POS cheater.

AgileArtist73554 just used two accounts against me.

Do you guys actually take any action?

Well, if SMG can't even look after a tiny forum like this... do you think they will bother doing anything about cheaters?! 

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Blade214* (Master) is a stupidly obvious cheater. I guess he/she thought nobody would observe the end of the game to see Orange Slackjaw 13 valiantly commit suicide all of a sudden with stupid and suicidal moves. If he/ she was a real player, Orange Slackjaw 13 would have won! Obvious cheating!
Can someone please tell me why when you go to join a game of risk the game setter is allowed to remove someone,(Or should I say someone he sees as a threat to his stats),I often see people of the same level joining a game and at the very last second a “senior” player jumps in,or a senior player is starting a game and he is selective over who he wants to play/ beat?
The option to click on a player to ban him from your games. Soon the cheaters would run out of players to play. So I just played grandmaster MistiD-1, click, now on my banned list. I host a game, he can’t join, I try to join a game he’s already in or hosting- I can’t join. Lists will be long after awhile but most cheaters would eventually leave.

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Rory, as host the player has the right and ability to choose opponents. If I’m hosting a game and a known cheater tries to join, of course I’m going to boot him. I suppose some hosts would remove an opponent who has beaten him previously or perhaps it’s someone who betrayed an alliance in a previous game. In any case, the host has that choice.
They need to add a block player option ( for future games hosted )

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I usually host games, however I do NOT allow any master or grandmaster player to join EVER.  Apologies to anyone who has legitimately made those levels (I have on a few occasions made it to the Master level myself) but it has been my experience that nearly every single time I encounter a master or grandmaster...they are cheaters.  I've also noticed a common pattern of a game with a grandmaster usually will either have another grandmaster or a master in them.

I RARELY, however, ever see a master (and NEVER a grandmaster) join any games I host.  Hmmmm...I wonder why that could be?  Because they set up their own games to cheat with.  That's why.

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So this feature is actually really great but I would like to be notified if my report actually did something. I just recently played a game where I was doing really well and a grand master was in it as well. I started noticing that his troops would double. He would take over a territory and it would clone the amount he just moved back to the place he attacked from. He quickly had 200 troops and was taking over the continents with no contest. I reported him but would really like a confirmation that its being looked into or something because it was really frustrating.

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