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Reporting Options

This post is the offical place to discuss options for reporting players in game.

Idea: In game functionality to report players.

Express your ideas, but please keep all player reports to the support tickets.

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There needs to be something implemented. Because it seems like every other game someone is cheating with another profile in the game. An example is the from the beginning of the game, say player 2 and player 4 do not attack each other. Ok fine. No big deal, maybe they don't need to. Now we are cycling thru turn 4. It's seems like player 2 is attacking and weakening say everyone in Australia until he has nothing left. Ok fine people go big early in game for hopes of glory. Still no biggie. Now player 4 captures Australia. Ok sweet. Now player 2 captures India and China and defends. Ok maybe he's gonna attack again soon . Nope. Players 2 and 4 exchange cards a few turns in Siam. Now player 2 captures Middle East, Afghanistan, Urals, and Kamchatka. Now he just defends these 4 countries while player 4 takes one or 2 countries at a time in Asia. When p4 is ready p2 now attacks Ukraine Egypt,and Alaska with all he has and player 4 moves in and captures those countries now fully defendable, all offense nearest by are cut down. This is just an example of stupid things I see. I seen this attempted in North America but it failed because the blitz's kept failing and they lost but all the same. This was easiest to explain. I understand some family and stuff play together. But I love the game, despite how easily exploited it is. I grew up on risk. Please fix it somehow so I don't have 1 person take up 2 spots in every few games I play. It's getting old.

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SHUDRSKI is my account name if you'd like to look it up. I play quite often .
The worst is when its so obvious and there is nothing you can do about it. You must end up giving up.

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I've also seen players who cheat to alter th AI so it never attacks them. Part of the strategy for me is hoping to lead AI players to my opponents, but I've been in games where the AI didn't touch a certain player at all. So yes a reporting system absolutely needs to be implemented. The cheaters just make the game no fun for everyone else.

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Just played against 2 obvious cheaters: Peter justice 2 and smith Schulz 2. Both grandmasters added a couple of bots, and started the game. After one of them took south and North America plus Europe, leaving a huge opening, the other didn't attack them but went after me in Australia. Made absolutely no sense. Unbelievably, some people have no shame.

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Sorty for putting this here. Will add a report ticket.
User reports can help to combat cheating but maybe something more would be useful. I posted this idea in the 'report players when they're cheating' thread and would like to add it to the discussion here: -----------------------------------What if players faced random record inspections or 'cheat checks'. Cheat checks would consist of basically the same process as the one reported players are already subjected to. However, it would probably work best if it was an automated process. Suspicious accounts could be flagged for human attention. To make it more useful the inspections could target only players who have played recently and or accounts that are high ranking. If this were a public effort it would serve as a significant deterrent to cheating.

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I would like to preface that I suspect cheaters a lot, have played 400+ games here, but this is first time I feel it obvious enough to report. Grandmaster, intermediate and novice opponent. Grandmaster goes after novice after having south America. Intermediate goes after novice after having Australia. Suspicious, but not obvious. Then after grandmaster tries to take out novice, he fails but does take all of North America, South America and Africa but has low numbers guarding borders. I have 27 armies stacked where I can't poke in all territories, so place my 3 to take yellows last territory and go for Alaska to try and poke grandmaster in North America. I fail. Now, I have played risk for 20+ years online and offline. Maybe I'm good, maybe I stink who knows. But in that time I have played with a lot of players, and we both know a true "intermediate" isnt going to go after my 8+ territories and 27 army with under 20 armies to attack with, especially while the only other player is holding 3 continents. Yet that's what they did. They took what man of mine they could to weaken me as much as possible than ended turn to let the grandmaster take me out for my cards. And just in case you try to say he was making a suicide attempt at my cards for himself, which would be ignorant in a fixed card game like this one, he even went a route that didn't make an attempt. I caught a screenshot before he finished to try and illustrate. Thoughts? Curious if they respond and actually do something.

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I got a response and they seemed to take some action against a "couple" of cheaters I reported.  Maybe they don't do enough, but at least they did something.


This may not always be cheating especially when bots are involved. For me when I have an alliance with someone I honor it until I eliminate others or until its obviously players will eliminate them. Of course, I sure there are those who cheat.

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Again it's risk people team up deal with it
Sandy Archer2 and KingSavage5 were obviously colluding. SA2 took out all but one army of another player (easily could have taken it). Then KS5 turned in his cards, killed the one army, collected his cards and turned in another set and proceeded to finish me off leaving just the two of them. SA2 gave me a little smile icon. Oh, and I was the 3rd to join, they were the first two in the game.
Rick, it's not that they are 'teaming up', it's one person running 2 accounts.

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I have played with Sandy Archer 2 a few times and have always found him/her to be a fair player. But if what you're saying is true then maybe he/she has gone to the dark side.
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