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Turn timer extension if still attacking

IDEA: A time extension added to the turn timer duration if a player is still attacking.

  1. If a timer duration ends but the player is still in the middle of an attack, extend the timer by <x> seconds
  2. During the <x> seconds the player must attack at least one territory. 
  3. This is <x> second extension is repeated until the player ends their turn or doesn't attack a territory within 30 seconds.

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Yes, more time for the shorter set times like 60, 90 seconds. Less extra time for the 3 and 5 minutes. Also, allow extra time if you've just defeated a player as time runs out. I've often knocked someone out as time expires, I get their cards which gives me 5 or more-computer cashes them in and places the armies spread across all my territories instead of where I want them. Also how about a pop up with 10 maybe 15 seconds left asking if you want to tap into your time bank.
Merging this into other thread as Michel suggestion for turn timer is more comprehensive.