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Automatic territory selection + manual troop placement

IDEA: This combines automatic and manual selection. Territories are automatically allocated by computer for all players. Players then select manually where to place troops.

This would be a third option of set-up (after manual and automatic) that can be set in the game options screen.

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Why not make available both as an option which we can choose?

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Can you do option one in normal manual, because the "1 turn thing" creates too many stalemates.

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Option 2, follow classic risk as closely as possible.

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So what's taking so long for this to be set up? This is really the true way to play Risk. Every player drops 3 armies each turn in turn order. 15 seconds per turn. I dont know how anyone plays automatic on this game. The worst way to play.
I like option 1 but I think it would be nice to have a setting on the setup page for selecting an option of let's say, 60, 90, and 120 seconds for placing your troops. Being an Expert I tend to want to strategize on were I am going to put my troops. I would also like it to be done so that one player places all there troops and you can see where they are placing them, but that you can't see where your opponents have placed their troops until it is your turn to place troops.

Again, the best option is probably a combination of the two presented here. The original online version of Risk (called Attack! which got sued by Hasbro I believe, forcing it to go offline) actually got this right. Players took turns placing, but they got 5 armies to place each turn, and roughly 20 seconds to place them. This sped up the placing phase significantly over what is currently the manual mode here, but still allowed players to adjust placement strategies based on what other players were doing. 

As others have said, I would have thought this would have been an early feature.  I kept waiting for it to come, but realized I should put in my two cents.  I prefer option 2. with players taking turns and only one army at a time.  It is more like what we played on the board game.  I don't mind other options, but this should be the first option implemented.  Thanks.

Alternate turns on placement 1 territory at a time but allow placement of as many troops as you wish. Once you place troops in 1 territory it moves to next player. Placement MUST be visible to all players.

If you go with option 1 you need to see where the other troops are going.  When I play with friends you can bluff to get players to leave countries so you need to be able to move troops until the timer ends. 

I'm really confused.

Option 2 would be great for sure.

But I also like option 1 with not knowing what other people are doing. That would add some suspens and strategies.

The more I think about it the more I want the two modes implemented. That would create lots of choice for beginning the game!!!

Why has this not been implemented yet? I can’t fathom why this was not part of the original app seeing as how THIS IS HOW THE GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED. Please hurry. And yes, option 2 with a short timer (10sec). I made an account just to request this.
YES. And it should be 3 or 5 at a time, not 1. There are 3 things this game needs. This is one, the second is spectator mode after you get killed, which looks like it is being planned. The third is a time extension. Every player should have a button that allows them to extend their turn an extra minute either once or twice per game. That or you set up the timer so you get an extra 5 seconds or so every time you conquer a territory.
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