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Automatic territory selection + manual troop placement

IDEA: This combines automatic and manual selection. Territories are automatically allocated by computer for all players. Players then select manually where to place troops.

This would be a third option of set-up (after manual and automatic) that can be set in the game options screen.

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I’ve been playing this game since the earliest of times and have always wanted this in the app. Not sure why this has taken so long to implement. 100% the best way to play risk. Option 2 is a definite. I’d say make it 10 seconds and 2 troop deployment at a time. (Speeds up the deployment time with no loss of strategy)

If you go with option 1 you need to see where the other troops are going.  When I play with friends you can bluff to get players to leave countries so you need to be able to move troops until the timer ends. 

Definitely this. I would like to see what players have been allocated which territories, but think it would be best if the  placement was invisible to the other players. That way, there's an element of strategy and a little luck in your choice of placement. If you're sharing Australia with one or two other players, do you take a chance on putting a big army there, or do you avoid the inevitable melee that will ensue if everyone makes that choice - or do you place your troops slightly scattered about, but with a focus on a preferred continent, so you can swoop in once the dust has settled. Seems like a fun option.

So what's taking so long for this to be set up? This is really the true way to play Risk. Every player drops 3 armies each turn in turn order. 15 seconds per turn. I dont know how anyone plays automatic on this game. The worst way to play.
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