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Live / free chat with RISK players and alliances

IDEA: Live in-game chat with other players and or allies only (that you've formed an alliance with).

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Well you can tell someone to attack yellow

 no chat that will make it worse, if you know how to play then learn but dont be an ass

The best approach is to make chats optional. So if you want to start or join a game with no chats, you can. But why stop those who would like to have a game where chats are possible from enjoying the experience? I see it as a win-win.

 @Robert Gordon Well the reasoning is that people won't know about the feature and so people will send inappropriate content like racial slurs and porn etc in those chats. Which is a reasonable concern imo.


Eric Asmodius, I think that it would be easy to deal with the issues you raise. First, chats can be set to off, so you would have to turn them on to use them. You could also mute your chat, so it anyone is being inappropriate, you just mute them. Lastly, it could be limited to text, so porn or other video content could be blocked. 

I used to play a Facebook game called Attack. I played it A LOT! It had a chat, and I met many cool people, and actually made friends. It was very useful. Some people played with their chat function turned off, and that was fine. The amount of negative interactions vs positive interactions was something live 9 to 1, in favour of positive interactions. 

We definitely need a chat program. If you have a chat program and also have a filter that you cannot use any foul language. It will be comfortable for everybody, even children under the age of 18 will be able to play this game safely. You can also put a filter that anybody over the age of 18 may not contact any children under the. You know how to do this with filters and keep everybody safe. If you are worried about the children. Part of it. Just get it done. It is not that difficult

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