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New Music in the 2.6 update

I just updated Risk to the newest version 2.6. WHAT IN THE HECK DID YOU ALL DO TO THE MUSIC? The new music is HORRID compared to the original game music :puke: ! PLEASE give us an option to select the game's original soundtrack!

Hey Richard,

I've got the original two music pieces as recordings, so I actually often disable the music in the settings and play that music via a background app like Music on iphone or whatever music app on computer :)

Clarifying to any SMG staff seeing this that these are in fact OBS recordings of the app that I cut the video out of, NOT original game files :)

Here are links to those recordings: 

Main menu music from previous update:

Ingame battle music from previous update (this is probably the one you want):

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It's no problem! Happy to help.

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