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Emoji or something to call out the obvious cheaters.

I have always liked playing RISK, from the original board game and the app, well at least I used to. The cheating, whether through two people working together, or one person playing as at least two players, has become very bad. I believe it's to the point where if something isn't implemented to out, catch and ban the pathetic cheaters and their need to ”win without skill or class,” this game won't last. I'm fine with the different emojis that are offered when playing, but I would trade the "red

You can come over to the Discord and suggest a community chat expression for the upcoming weekly community chat emoji feature! "Cheater!" is one that's gotten quite a few votes before :)

Thanks, Eric! How can I pull up the entire post I made, so I can copy & paste it?

My apologies, I'm not quite sure I understand, what are you trying to pull up?

Your post itself up here on this forum?

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