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Misbehaviour and blacklisting players would be nice.

Promoting some good behaviour and having the opportunity to blacklist players would be nice.

The other day, I played a guy called "Charly MT". From the beginning till the end of the game, this person kept through messages "Well played" followed by a laugh at each player's turn.

He was obviously making fun of players around.

There is no such feature. You can disable chat messages but you cannot block anyone.

The button you describe does not exist.

I understood you the first time and it does not do what you say.

No, it does not do it. Please stop hijacking this discussion with your comment. Please do not reply again.


My sincerest apologies, I've actually really screwed up here. It does not work in this way, I'm really sorry that I pushed that so much. Double checked and you are in fact correct. Removing my earlier messages. I am so sorry.

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It's ok. We all do mistakes. Don't worry about it.

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