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Ending Game when all opponents surrender

I’m tired of picking a great stronghold at the start and having 3 or 4 out of my 5 opponents surrender prior to turn 4. It doesn’t take long for the final one or two opponents to surrender afterward and I have an issue with wasting my time fighting computers when I came to play people. I don’t want to play hard or expert AI until I clear the entire board or capture all the capitals. Would you consider adding a feature which declares victory once all other humans surrender?

The problem with this is you can still lose to the other players' AIs and the other players can still rejoin and come back, so that wouldn't really make sense as a feature.

Hey Eric, i don’t intend that you would gain a victory from disconnected players, only from those who have completely surrendered. Losing to AIs is next to impossible for someone who understands the game, so it doesn’t seem it would be that big a deal to give the win to someone who forced all players to surrender.

Ah, I see

I would suggest a change to this then: Allow victory to be declared if the human player controls at least 40% of the territories, because players can and do lose to enemy bots.

A player should be able to surrender. But the winner should not declare victory.

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