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Ultimate Risk!!

There Used to be a version called Ultimate risk with some pretty cool elements! Can we have the option of adding Generals or forts to the Game? Maybe just the solo version or a separate game to buy? Generals cost 5 armies and add one to every dice roll. Forts cost 5 and subtract one to every dice rolls.

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I dig it, I was thinking about another feature as well that let’s each player get one Nuke that is hidden on one territory you choose at the beginning... and it takes out any touching territory no matter how many men there are, but if you attack it first You get an extra nuke... kinda like reverse battleship I suppose just to confuse you more haha.
Ok, I had to lol on Drifton Way's comment above. When I was younger, about 40 or so years ago, I used to play Risk with a bunch of my USAF cronies. When I was finally annihilated I placed a lit fire-cracker on the still active board. NUCLEAR STRIKE. Totally destroyed all the territory placement counts. I was not a good sport... but enjoyed the practical joke (which pissed-off all the remaining players).
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