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New feature request : mask player level


I suggest a new feature when playing against other human players : mask the level (expert, master, beginner...) of players.

The reason is simple : when you are an expert or a master, some other players attack you and so "break the game" just because you are a high level player.

Even if they may lose after they defeat you, they are just happy to defeat a master or expert.

That is just annoying and could be avoid if the level are masked.

Level could be revealed at the end of the game or when a user is defeat.

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Yup, this really needs to be added - and it's not that complicated, so hopefully it'll be waiting for us in the next update...maybe lol

I totally support this.  The game outcome is completely dependent on what other anonymous humans do.  When someone behaves completely irrationally, it ruins the game.  Then your ranking is affected because some lower ranked player hated you.

I've also noticed people of similar rank screwing over the other "Master" or whatever in favour of the lower ranked players who haven't been playing as well.  A beter approach would be to reveal rankings after the game is over.

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