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Minimum rank games

I would like to have a filter to only allow certain ranks or higher. This would reduce significantly colluding and boosting with 2 accounts. If you are boosting to grand master with a novice then only your grand master could enter my game. Poof no more colluding with 2 accounts. Now I know what you will say how will I rank up fast if I can't face a grand master? You do it one game at a time. In chess no grandmaster would play a ranked match against a novice. The loss to rank is to severe. So please for all that is holy put a minimum rank filter for games. I swing between expert and grand master depending on who joins my game. Sometimes I just want to play risk without risking rank, pun intended. Like free play that way there would be less chance of cheaters. This rant was long but other than this the game is extremely fun. PS not a fan of the probability matrix instead of a random generator. That's a whole other discussion.

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I think SMG have said that a Rank Filter is in the works right now - which means it will probably arrive in the next update... which means the next decade lol

However, it won't make it all that much easier to start a game with high ranking players - simply because there are so few of them... unless you are happy to wait around hours on end lol

What we need in addition to the Filter - is a real-time tally of how many players are online, and what Rank they hold...

You can then see if there are a lot of Masters/Experts online - or whether it's mainly Novices... so can decide whether it's likely you'll get a game started using the Filter...    

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Filters are in the works, but not yet for rank. We are starting with the general game options that are already implemented, then alter we will expand to rank filtering.

- Phillip@SMG

So... when can we expect this to arrive Phily?

At the moment we have no fixed release date. 


Why is that Alex - don't you guys have a road-map ?

This idea would greatly improve my experience with this app.  Long ago I learned playing novices and beginners is very often not worth it.  They make ridiculous moves and quit at the drop of a hat only to be replaced with the boring in game AI.  I've wasted so much time kicking novices and beginners out of games I host.  It would save everyone's time (including the novices and beginners) and improve everyone's experience if we could filter games by player class.

I think a game host should be able to adjust rank limits for the game just like they can adjust the turn length.  If the filter were such that we couldn't filter out players one class above or below our own class, there would be mixing between the different classes but players could avoid huge mismatches in skill/experience.  And at least for the higher ranking players, this could reduce exposure to the two device cheaters.  Usually they have a high raking account and a low ranking account.  Being able to filter out beginners and novices would immediately cut out most of my exposure to this type of cheater.

I think everyone would be happier if they could chose to compete only with those of a similar skill level.  This idea needs to be implemented.

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