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Ranking Formula and Option to Hide Rank

Rankings move too drastically after each game, particularly after coming in 6th place.  I've played 700 games.....coming in 6th shouldn't drop me hundreds of ranking spaces!  The ranking should use a much longer view of average finishes.  As the rankings work right now, its next to impossible to remain ranked as a Grandmaster, because even a 2nd place finish in an average game (2 novice, 3 beginner-experts) drops your rank a few places.  

Which gets me onto the next point- you should have the option as game initiator to hide your rank level.  Anyone who knows the game of Risk, knows that if someone wants to go kamikaze against you, you can't overcome that.  And that often happens to me as a Grandmaster.

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Christopher I completely understand. The rankings can be frustrating because it takes around three wins to counteract one bad loss at high ranks. And I know what you mean about players that attack you just because of your rank as that has happened to me. I almost never play with novices because beating them is worth so little but losing to them is catastrophic. In fact I prefer to play with as many high ranked players as possible. For awhile now I've been trying to use these forums to gather such players for high ranked games. The idea being to create games where the winner moves up as much as possible and the losers move down as little as possible. See for details of you are interested in joining us.

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+1 for ability to hide rank. Game is losing its appeal and integrity without it.
When is the rank updated? I won a game of 4 players, all human, all expert, my rank at the start 78,000 or so, my rank at the end 98,000, I'm totally confused.
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