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Expert and up games

For anyone who is interested I plan to host games for accounts ranked expert or higher. If sufficient interest develops I will post a play friends game ID here when I'm setting up a game. I will be hosting the games using my Game Center account S3ctaOne which is ranked master (around #910 at the moment). Games will be automatic setup on the classic map with progressive card bonus and a three minute turn timer. Please leave a comment if you are interested with your in-game username and rank class.

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If I have at least four other people who can play at the same time I will start a game.
I'm in if we can get some 6 player games going. Curly Kanako 2 / Grandmaster around rank 300ish at the moment. I think we should just start collecting IDs of people who are interested, friend everyone and post times we want to play and invite each other. If we can connect enough people we could theoretically have games running more often.


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I'm all for that but sadly in eight days we only have two people interested. There are probably more people who would be interested but haven't seen this topic. I am going to find all the feature requests for high ranked games and post the link to this page in their comments.

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I will keep an eye out for u. Gold stars only. I'm (GrandMaster) AlbertLamorisse . add me
Anyone interested in fixed bonus games of 5 or more feel free to add me. I am getting more into progressive games but still not experienced enough to maintain my rank there. Also anyone expert or above that wants to chat strategy are also welcome to add me.
Wingz138, what is your in game name?  I prefer fixed bonus 5-6 player games with 60 second timer to keep the games from taking too long.  Been working to keep my rank at expert, but it's tough when I keep running into cheaters and lower ranked players whose sole purpose seems to be to take me out regardless of how much it weakens them.  I really hope they fix the game selection issue soon.


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Hey Daniel. My game name is same as above. Try not to worry about cheaters and stuff like that, it won't help your game any, but I do agree it can be tough to maintain rank.
Sorry, my risk handle is Wings138 not same as above
Yeah you gotta LOVE those master. Hunters

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Friend search seems broken. Can't find Wings138. Tried typing other names from the leader board and had no luck either.
Quinton, I tried to friend you but I can't. I just get error 320 which says incorrect or doesn't exist. Could be something about the different types of accounts or as Daniel said maybe something is up with friending.
Ya, I have found this game to be pretty buggy. My name is Craig Griffiths, gonna try adding you on FB.
Turns out there's a few people with your name on fb.
My email is Anyone expert or above is welcome to email me about setting up games or chatting strategy.
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