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Expert and up games

For anyone who is interested I plan to host games for accounts ranked expert or higher. If sufficient interest develops I will post a play friends game ID here when I'm setting up a game. I will be hosting the games using my Game Center account S3ctaOne which is ranked master (around #910 at the moment). Games will be automatic setup on the classic map with progressive card bonus and a three minute turn timer. Please leave a comment if you are interested with your in-game username and rank class.

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My original vision didn't age well. We do things rather differently and are still just trying to build a player base. Facebook messenger and other platforms like it are best for organizing games but some of the people here haven't shown much interest in that. If you want to you can email Chris or I at the emails we provided to share Facebook contact info or you can remain more anonymous and just watch this thread for anyone posting about hosting game.

Cool. How to do I get in on this? My user name is Eric Landis =] Ill see if I can add you to my friends list

So do some of the people here and I play fixed sometimes.

Great Idea! I prefer fixed with 5-6 people though

Username S3ctaOne
I can play If you are still able. I prefer progressive six players 3m classic map. I'll start it you can join if you want to and can.
Whose up for a match right now? leonard overkill 7 is the username.
Adam Cothes, Briand, Daniel Liguori, effy zay, Quinton t Fleming, Ryan, and Wingz138 If any of of you are interested in using Facebook messenger to organize high rank games for either progressive or fixed you can email Facebook contact information to me at or to Chris at the email he posted in the previous comment. We have found messenger to be an excellent way to organize but need more people to get involved thank you and please consider doing so.
Alright! Finally some progress, I'm lovin it :) sectaone, Ima hit you up via email right now. My email is, all subject liners should be "risk - expert games"... or something close to that... I feel I should point out however, that exchanging fb info via email has the same dangers as posting publicly, since anyone that sees this can email you and get your info.... I'm still in favor of alt fb accounts, just sayin...
I'm in favor of using Facebook Messenger. We can email fb contact info as you describe. I think the flexibility afforded by messenger makes it a better option than regular time games. Also it means we can schedule games at our convenience and establish better contact with new players as they come along. My email is
You have a much higher chance at catching me on facebook with a message than posting here if it's going to be random when we do games. Perhaps we email each other our facebook contacts so that it's not posted publicly? Or we use a popular chat program like whatsapp or Viber.

The other option is we start scheduling meets. I usually play at the end of my work outs or during lunch but I could probably adjust my life a little bit to work on a schedule if everyone will show up.


Sectaone that's understandable but is an easy fix, a simple alt account away. Chances are that most people that play have Facebook already, and can easily switch between the two accounts... I think it would be easier than using Discord, I find that app confusing at best
Username is S3ctaOne.
Chris I don't want to put my facebook account out in public on the forum.
In about two hours (at 7 pm US eastern time) I will start a 3m progressive game on global domination. I will try to only let experts or better in. Keep an eye out everyone.
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