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Manually Deploy Remaining Troops with Random Territory Selection!

Right now, if you choose to use the "Random Territory Selection" option, instead of manually, taking turns, choosing your own countries, then ALL THE REMAINING TROOPS ARE AUTOMATICALLY RANDOMLY PLACED FOR YOU! I have never heard of that. You should have an option to be able to place the rest of your troops where you decide to on your randomly chosen territories.

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Agree, that's how we have played for years.  The cards determine your countries and then you manually place troops.  Seems like this would be easy to implement in the game.

It's a little crazy they've had an online version for years and haven't implemented this; as far as I know that is the official way to play in the board game version.

It also makes more sense than either option offered in the online version. Choosing your own territories takes away an important element of game strategy, but not being able to place your armies manually can sometimes make your fate in the game too tied to how everyone's troops are distributed at the start. 

Agreed. Where is the dev team on this???

There should be an option to have territories randomly selected, but then taking turns placing armies on the territories you own, like 5 at a time. 

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